5 best Minecraft servers for Parkour (2022)

5 best Minecraft servers for Parkour (2022)

While Minecraft parkour servers are certainly not new, they have become increasingly popular thanks to appearances on viral YouTube and TikTok videos. Parkour servers contain maps full of obstacles that must be overcome with movement techniques such as running, jumping, and climbing.

Parkour servers are not just great fun for seasoned experts, but also beginners thanks to their wide variety of maps with different levels of difficulty. Most parkour servers also offer other fun modes such as speedrun parkour, where players must race against the clock to beat the map.

Those in search of a great Minecraft parkour server to play on are in the right place. This list will highlight five of the absolute best servers to try out for an awesome parkour session.

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Top 5 best Minecraft parkour servers to play in 2022

5) Mox MC

IP Address: moxmc.net

Mox MC is a brilliant server for parkour (Image via Mojang)ParkourCraft is a dedicated server to practice parkour skills (Image via Mojang)Snapcraft offers a huge variety of game modes, including parkour (Image via Mojang)Minr is a classic server and is 10 years old (Image via Mojang)mazes, puzzles, and other fun challenges for players to complete. There are hours of thrilling content to explore on this server, so enthusiastic players should definitely give it a shot.

IP Address: zero.minr.org

1) JumpCraft

Server IP: play.jumpcraft.org

Jumpcraft has a brilliant assortment of obstacle maps (Image via Mojang)

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