3 best Minecraft UHC servers

In Minecraft, UHC means Ultra Hardcore. In this mode, players are given only one life, and there is no health regeneration. Players must collect resources, craft weapons, and fight with each other to be the last one standing to win.

On UHC Minecraft servers, players can play UHC mode in a team or by themselves. Each UHC server differs slightly from one another, making each one unique in its own way.

For those looking for a great UHC server to play, this list will highlight not just one but three of the absolute best choices out there.

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Top 3 Minecraft servers for UHC

3) Purple Ore

IP Address: purpleore.com


Up first is Purple Ore, a server found at the top of a dedicated server list for UHC Minecraft servers. With such prestige, it goes without saying, this is a brilliant place for playing UHC mode.

On this server, players can enjoy single-player UHC or even with teams of up to five members. This server also runs on the latest and greatest hardware, so lag and poor connection should not be a problem, which is important for a PvP-based game mode like UHC.

Server Address: purpleore.com

2) PlayUHC

IP Address: playUHC.net

PlayUHC is a great server for the UHC mode (Image via Twitter, @playUHC)


It’s no secret that Hypixel is a hugely popular Minecraft server. In fact, it’s the most popular server to ever exist and boasts over 100,000 concurrent players at peak hours.

UHC is one of the classic game modes on Hypixel and has long remained one of the most successful modes on the entire Hypixel network. There are several unique features to the Hypixel UHC mode which have led players to adore it over the years.

Some examples of this are the custom kits, professions, custom recipes, and much more that make the Hypixel UHC mode truly stand out from the rest.

Server Address: hypixel.net

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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