3 best Minecraft Bridge servers

3 best Minecraft Bridge servers

The Bridge is one of the most popular Minecraft PvP server game modes in existence. In this mode, players find themselves in a duel to score goals on the opposite side of the bridge while protecting their own goal from the enemy.

While there are many Bridge servers out there, some are much better than others. For those looking for a great server to play The Bridge mode, this list will provide not just one but three of the top choices to check out.

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Top 3 Minecraft servers to play and practice The Bridge

3) Purple Ore

IP Address: purpleore.net

Purple Ore has many great bridge maps (Image via Purple Ore Forums)PvP).

Server IP Address: purpleore.net

2) Bridge Practice Server

IP Address: bridgepractice.net


Next up on this list is a server that’s completely dedicated to helping players practice and get better at The Bridge mode. On this server, players can practice various popular Bridge strategies and techniques, including:

  • Prebow Practice
  • Wing Practice
  • Bypass Practice
  • Bot 1v1 Practice

For anyone looking to quickly get better at The Bridge mode, this server is certainly the best option. It’s an amazing place to hone in on specific skills and improve them steadily.

Server IP Address: bridgepractice.net

1) Hypixel

IP Address: hypixel.net

Hypixel is the most popular server for The Bridge (Image via Hypixel Forums)

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