Unreal Engine Project on Web for Free | by Infinity Void | Nov, 2023

As Unreal developers, we’ve all been searching for solutions to host our Unreal Engine applications on the web after Epic Games dropped support for HTML 5. You’ve likely explored pixel streaming but may have encountered budget constraints, making it unsustainable to run applications on pixel streaming.

Viewing this from a different angle, when we use pixel streaming, our users and customers become our company’s most significant expense. More users translate to higher costs, undermining the purpose of creating applications and games. For multiplayer projects, the challenge extends beyond pixel streaming, involving dedicated servers and real-time communication features like voice and text chat. How can we make this sustainable and implement a different business model?

This is where Infinity Void steps in. Infinity Void is designed as a User Generated Content platform, tailored for Unreal Engine creators. The platform offers FREE Pixel Streaming and seamlessly converts your project into a multiplayer experience if necessary by automating the building and deployment of dedicated server builds. It also integrates real-time communication like voice and text chat without requiring any coding.

This means you can freely share your applications on the web. Let’s be clear: we have a subscription model priced at $100 per month , which includes all the features and doesn’t impose any usage limits. Stream as much as you want and bring in as many players as possible. We do offer one month free trial.

You might be wondering how we manage the costs. The experiences you publish are deployed within an open world environment that we’ve created. Users will first enter this open world environment before accessing your experience. This process allows us to monetize the incoming traffic and increase overall platform traffic, enabling us to explore various methods of monetization while you get your application on the web for free. Furthermore, as platform traffic increases, your application will start to receive organic views.

In addition, if your application contributes to a significant share of the platform’s traffic, you may be entitled to payouts where we share 30% of the platform’s net revenue with the most engaging application creators.

This represents a win-win solution for both developers and the platform. Think of it as a YouTube for 3D experiences, where all experiences exist within a persistent open world environment.

Here’s a video demonstrating how experiences will look and be accessed when deployed on our platform.

We’re offering a 1-month free trial. Get started by visiting https://www.infinityvoid.io/getting-started


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