Meet Memphis Tap’s Adorable Mobile Bar

Meet Memphis Tap’s Adorable Mobile Bar

In Memphis, a novel concept is making a splash, adding a touch of sparkle to special occasions. Meet Fizz, the mobile tap truck at the heart of Memphis Tap, an event business that specializes in bringing beverages and fun to events all over town. With Fizz as the guest of honor, partygoers can expect an unforgettable experience that combines style, functionality, and convenience, all served with a personal touch by entrepreneurial husband and wife team Liz and Brad Barksdale.

Memphis Tap is truly a team effort, and the Barksdales’ passion for what they do shines through in every detail. Image: Christen Jones Photography

From the success of their small business venture Glamp901, to their impressive day jobs, it’s evident that the Barksdales are no strangers to balancing multiple roles and responsibilities. Liz, who serves as the Alumni Engagement Coordinator for St. Agnes Academy and St. Dominic School, and Brad, who continues to work at Memphis Plywood, have managed to run two thriving small businesses alongside their demanding careers. Their secret? A well-organized schedule, unwavering family support, and an unshakable commitment to their ventures.

As for their roles in Memphis Tap, the stage primarily belongs to Brad, the driving force behind the venture. He’s responsible for everything from loading Fizz onto the trailer to serving clients and their guests during events, all while maintaining his signature fun-loving personality. Liz takes charge of social media and website management, and occasionally assists with events.

But the star of Memphis Tap is Fizz, a 1973 Piaggio Ape 500 that underwent a stunning makeover in Modena, Italy. At just five feet wide and five-and-a-half feet tall, Fizz is a small wonder that can fit through double doors yet leaves a big impression. With five taps and a Lindr Flash Chiller system, Fizz ensures that delicious beverages are served ice-cold.

Green Piaggio Ape on street
The inspiration behind Memphis Tap came from a simple image: a Piaggio Ape transformed into a tap truck. In this photo, you can see the beginning of Fizz’s journey — she’s come a long, long way. Image: Memphis Tap

The design process was a highlight of the Memphis Tap journey for Liz. She played an integral role in transforming Fizz from a dull green to the stunning tap truck it is today. Working with talented designers helped bring the Barksdales’ vision to life, creating a truly unique and stylish experience for clients.

“Fizz offers two built-in Bluetooth speakers and an ice well for additional cold beverages,” Liz says. “Her beautiful front cab seat is built from quality navy leather and creates an ideal space for clients to snap a memorable photo. The simple yet tasteful white paint color makes for the perfect neutral palate. The added touches of stained wood, gold hardware, and lighting make for a beautiful experience for all. Fizz has a few spaces where clients can add decor or special items of their own to elevate the theme of their event.”

So, what can clients expect when they book an event with Fizz, besides a tiny tap truck that’s ready to dazzle their guests? The process is seamless, with a booking form that provides essential event details and a list of recommendations for obtaining alcohol. Memphis Tap also collaborates with Buster’s Liquors for those looking for a trusted supplier. Each Memphis Tap event includes a dedicated server, ensuring a hands-on experience from start to finish.

Memphis Tap’s flexibility is another feature that sets them apart. They can serve a variety of beverages, from cocktails to coffee and everything in between, all kegged by Memphis Tap. Fizz can be set up in various locations, both indoor and outdoor, and adds a unique charm to any venue.

Man pouring wine from mobile bar tap
Brad’s favorite aspect of Memphis Tap is the opportunity to meet and interact with a diverse range of people. This dynamic experience is what makes Memphis Tap more than just a business — it’s a source of joy for both Brad and Liz. Image: Christen Jones Photography

With plenty of events under their belt, the Barksdales have seen Fizz shine in a variety of settings. One memorable event took place at Shelby Farms, where Fizz graced the lakeside for a Navy promotion celebration.

“The weather was beautiful, our clients had decorations in the pavilion, as well as cornhole and other fun games stationed in the grass nearby,” Liz says. “Fizz looked fantastic positioned in front of the lake in the beautiful Shelby Farms landscape. At this event, our clients had four beverages on tap — two beer varieties, a red wine, and a white wine.”

Another unforgettable soirée was a 10-year celebration for a group of church friends in an East Memphis courtyard. Fizz not only added to the ambiance of the party but functioned as a central spot for the drink service. “These clients used four taps — one beer option, a signature cocktail, a red wine, and a white wine,” Liz explains. “They also had different varieties of whiskey available on one of Fizz’s shelves to mix with the non-alcoholic beverages that were staying cold in Fizz’s ice well.”

Mobile bar and table with cups outside
“Fizz can be set up in a multitude of locations — backyards, front yards, poolside, indoor venues, outdoor venues … as long as the space is 5 feet wide and 5.5 feet tall, accessible by driving, and there is access to an electrical outlet, then we should be good to go!” Liz explains. Image: Memphis Tap

What makes Memphis Tap truly stand out in the Memphis market is the personal touch that Brad and Liz bring to every event. Like Glamp901, Memphis Tap is not a franchise but a passion project of the husband and wife team. They work closely with clients to curate events that match their vision, offering customized quotes to suit the specific needs of each occasion.

Colorful wine glasses under taps
Batch cocktails, wine, champagne, and more can be kegged by Memphis Tap. And while Memphis Tap primarily serves alcoholic beverages at events, Fizz can offer cold brew coffee, juices, and other non-alcoholic beverages as well! Image: Christen Jones Photography

Memphis Tap’s growing popularity can be attributed to its strong online presence, with a lively social media account and a user-friendly website. However, the biggest contributors to their success have been the referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients.

As they reflect on their journey, Brad and Liz express their profound gratitude to the city of Memphis, their friends and family, and their incredible clients. Memphis Tap’s motto, “Let’s get fizzy, Memphis,” encapsulates the spirit of their journey: a celebration of life’s special moments and a testament to the power of dreaming, thinking, and doing.


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