How to Setup Multiplayer in Unreal Engine? | by Infinity Void | Nov, 2023

Setting up multiplayer in Unreal Engine can be a challenge for indie developers, small studios, or 3D artists. The complexities involve not only writing logic for multiplayer games but also managing the building and updating process for both client and server builds, along with redeploying them on cloud servers. Integration with cloud providers like AWS Gamelift or Playfab often adds another layer of complexity due to intricate SDKs.

At Infinity Void, we’ve devised a solution to tackle these challenges. Our platform allows you to host your multiplayer applications effortlessly, eliminating concerns about packaging and deploying dedicated servers. While your code must be structured for a multiplayer setup, there’s no need to build your Unreal Engine from source to package a dedicated server. Forget about integrating complex plugins from AWS or Playfab — just upload your project and let our robust platform take care of the rest.

To get started, upload your project on our platform. Upon uploading, our platform automatically builds and deploys dedicated servers on the cloud for you. This eliminates the need to worry about downloading a hefty 100GB source build for Unreal or dealing with the intricacies of integrating with cloud services.

Accessing your multiplayer game on our platform is straightforward. Thanks to free pixel streaming, the client build of your application is automatically hosted on web. Once you enter your application, you’ll find yourself in a persistent multiplayer environment.

But that’s not all — we have a surprise for you. Alongside multiplayer functionality, your application will feature fully functional voice and text chat, all without requiring you to write a single line of code. Experience the ease of hosting multiplayer games with Infinity Void, where worries about deployment and integration become a thing of the past.

If you are reading till now, it means that you are interested and might be thinking about the cost. Our platform offers a one month free trial followed by a $100 monthly subscription. We don’t have any cap on the usage. This subscription includes all features, like automated multiplayer setup, free pixel streaming, voice/text chat and much more.

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Here’s a video demonstrating how experiences will look and be accessed when deployed on our platform.

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