How to Remove and Change Tether Distance in Ark Survival Ascended

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Tethering in Ark: Survival Ascended is a mechanic that prevents players from getting too far away from the host player when playing on a non-dedicated server. This can be frustrating for players who want to explore the map freely, or who want to split up and work on different tasks.

Below we’ll explain how to change and remove tethering in Ark: Survival Ascended.

How To Remove the Tether Distance in Ark: Survival Ascended

You’ll have to run a private server to remove the tether distance in Ark: Survival Ascended. This will allow you to use the server without any limitations on memory because those limitations are only for public servers. That also means that you could have issues with your own game’s performance because of this.

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I understand why you’d want to remove tethering; I would say that tethering is one of the worst things to have to deal with in any multiplayer game. In some cases, it feels like you have to accompany the other player like there’s a buddy system. Most players tend not to like to deal with this.

Even with that, I believe that a smarter option would be to change the tether distance instead. I suggest this because it’s a lot more intense on your PC to host a multiplayer server than it is to be in one. So in many cases, you’d be better off increasing the tether distance to a large number.

How To Change Tether Distance in Ark: Survival Ascended

This is my preferred solution and I think you would like it better. Here is how you can change the tether distance in Ark: Survival Ascended:

  1. Go to your main menu.
  2. Press the Host/Local option
  3. Navigate to the General tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Non-Dedicated Host Tether Distance setting and type in a higher or lower number.
    • Lower is for a shorter distance while higher is for a longer distance.
  5. Click Save

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Increasing the tethering distance to a very high number may cause performance issues, especially on lower-end computers. So if you’ve got a medium-end computer, try to stay closer or consider not changing the distance at all.

Why Does Ark: Survival Ascended Have Tethering?

I’ve seen a lot of comments where people misunderstand the reasoning for tethering. Many people think that this is exclusively a way to get players to buy their own dedicated servers and has nothing to do with performance. This just isn’t true.

The entire map is not rendered the whole time. It is rendered well only to a certain distance and then the rest loses resolution to save on memory. Sending that information to two different computers at once is very difficult, and so keeping players closer together reduces how much needs to be rendered. With tethering, you only need to render a specific distance that won’t separate too far.

The tethering distance is set to an amount that will work with many computers and those with high-end PCs can just change it to give them more space.

– This article was updated on November 9th, 2023

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