How to Access Sling TV Worldwide with a VPN in 2023

Quick Guide to Accessing Sling TV Worldwide with a VPN

  1. Subscribe to a fast and secure VPN.
  2. Download the VPN App on your streaming device.
  3. Launch the VPN app.
  4. Connect to a server in the US.
  5. Go to Sling TV’s website, sign in, and enjoy all the shows you love on the Platform.

The Best VPN Options for Sling TV – Quick Intro

  1. NordVPN: NordVPN is a popular VPN service known for its strong security features, large server network, and user-friendly interface.
  2. ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN is a top-tier VPN provider with a reputation for fast and reliable connections, advanced security, and a wide server selection.
  3. Surfshark VPN: Surfshark VPN is a budget-friendly option with many features, including unlimited device connections, robust security, and a strict no-logs policy.
  4. Unlocator VPN: Unlocator VPN offers a DNS-based VPN service that focuses on unblocking content and ensuring privacy online.

Geo-restriction and How it Works Against Sling TV Streaming 

Geo-restriction denies specific users access to software, services, or online products due to the user’s location. It is possible because of a user’s IP address. An IP address is a numerical label used to identify devices on the internet or a local network. It also holds information regarding geographic location. This information enables those software, services, or online products to block or deny you access.

Breaking the Barrier with A VPN

One of the most popular ways of bypassing Sling TV restrictions is by using a VPN server. A VPN acts like a secret tunnel through which your computer accesses the internet. It encrypts your IP address and associates it with an IP address of one of its servers in your preferred location in just a few clicks.

To access Sling TV with a VPN, you need to connect to a US server, making you appear to be streaming from the United States. Aside from breaking restrictions, VPNs are also great for protecting your internet connection, ensuring it is private and secure.

The Best VPN Options for Sling TV – Detailed List

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is among the fastest and most secure VPNs to stream Sling TV abroad. It has thousands of servers across several countries worldwide, with over 1700 US servers inclusive. With its intelligent VPN feature, you can use Nord VPN on devices that don’t support VPN.

This VPN service offers a secure and Ultra-fast HD streaming quality due to its NordLynx protocol, built around WireGuard. It comes with dedicated IP addresses, malware, and adware blockers known as CyberSec, OpenVPN, Onion-over-VPN Obfuscation mode, and Double VPN. NordVPN costs $3.49 per month for the lowest plan.


  • 256-bit encryption for protecting your IP address.
  • Malware blocking to prevent you from clicking and downloading malware.
  • Dark web monitoring to ensure the security and privacy of your online transactions.
  • Round-the-clock customer support through live chat.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee across all plans.
  • Permits simultaneous streaming for up to 6 connections on a single account.
  • Does not keep a history of browser activities.


  • Strong security features with double VPN and CyberSec technology.
  • Large server network spanning across 60+ countries.
  • User-friendly interface and excellent customer support.
  • No-logs policy for enhanced privacy.


  • The mobile app could use some improvement in terms of user experience.
  • Occasionally, slower speeds on some servers.

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2. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services on the internet. Owned by Express VPN International LTD, many users regard ExpressVPN as the most secure VPN. It ensures that you remain anonymous online with its zero-knowledge DNS servers. Its basic plan costs $6.67 per month.


  • Ensures online anonymity.
  • Split-tunneling mode.
  • Network Lock to disconnect your internet in case of an emergency.
  • It comes with a Smart DNS technology MediaStreamer, which allows streaming on devices that don’t support a VPN.
  • Round-the-clock customer support through live chat and email support.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It does not keep browser history.


  • Blazing fast speeds and reliable connections.
  • Strong encryption and advanced security features.
  • A wide range of server locations in over 90 countries.
  • Excellent customer support and user-friendly apps.


  • Pricier compared to some other VPN services.
  • Limited to a maximum of 5 simultaneous device connections.

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3. Surfshark VPN


If you need a VPN service that places quality over quantity, then you’re speaking of Surfshark VPN. This VPN service offers about 3200 servers across several countries of the world. Its outstanding no-logging policy protects you from ISP snooping or government monitoring.

Surfshark VPN uses 256-AES-GCM encryption and other advanced traffic tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, WireGuard, and Shadow socks to protect its users and their activities over the Internet.


  • It connects at high speeds, reaching 324 Mbps.
  • It has servers in about 100 countries.
  • It supports every device.
  • Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The live customer support is available 24/7.
  • Simultaneous connections are unlimited.


  • Extremely affordable pricing with unlimited simultaneous device connections.
  • Strong security features, including a kill switch and MultiHop.
  • No-logs policy and user-friendly apps.
  • Reliable performance with good speeds.


  • Smaller server network compared to some competitors.
  • Some users may experience occasional server congestion during peak times.

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4. Unlocator VPN

Unlocator VPN

Unlocator VPN is one of the most reliable VPN services online. It protects your connection by adding an extra layer of security to your traffic through high-level military encryptions. This VPN conceals your IP address, making you go undetected as you surf the internet.


  • They are one of the biggest Smart DNS proxy providers in the world.
  • It comes with the kill switch tool and Unlocator Shield that prevent the user from any accidental exposure.
  • With Unlocator Hybrid, you can use the VPN more than the usual way.
  • Unlocator uses its own smart DNS servers to re-route your traffic.


  • Focused on content unblocking and geo-spoofing.
  • Offers Smart DNS and VPN services.
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • Limited server network compared to other VPN providers.
  • It may lack some of the advanced security features of other VPNs.

Benefits of Accessing Sling TV With a VPN

The functions of VPNs are so essential that they are gaining so much popularity these days. The more people are enlightened about the importance and benefits of online privacy, the more they turn to VPN services. These VPNs help internet users by providing services like unblocking geo-restricted content and bypassing censored websites. They also ensure your identity is protected while traveling and trying to regain access to sites that blocked you, like Facebook or X (Twitter). 

VPNs help bypass restrictive office or workplace connections by encrypting your traffic to make it unnoticeable. One significant benefit of VPNs is that they can private your connection, giving you a secure and safe browsing experience. They do more than transmit your data across the web. They protect your online activities and make it safe to use public Wi-Fi. These benefits should make you consider securing your online activities immediately.

Is it Illegal to Use a VPN to Stream Sling TV?

Though it is not illegal to access geo-restricted content with a VPN, streaming service providers like Sling TV frown at it, accessing restricted content violates the user agreements of the Streaming services and could lead to the termination of such an account if discovered.

Breaking the Barrier with A Smart DNS Proxy

Another simple way for anyone who wants to overcome geo-restrictions and stream Sling TV from any location is to use a smart DNS proxy. The smart DNS proxy does not channel your traffic from a virtual tunnel to the dedicated server. However, a smart DNS proxy uses DNS requests re-routed to the US. It makes you appear to be streaming from the US.

Domain Name System (DNS) is similar to a phone book that matches IP addresses with their domain names and locations. Getting your smart DNS proxy set up is easier than setting up a VPN. You are not even required to install any extra software. The good thing is that a smart VPN is compatible with all streaming devices.

How to Set up a Smart DNS Proxy

In the following basic steps, you can set up a smart DNS proxy and enjoy Sling TV streams outside the US. 

  • The first step is to sign up with a smart DNS proxy.
  • Then, configure your device to work with smart DNS.
  • Register your IP in the smart DNS database.

Once you complete the process, you’re now good to go. You can also access geo-restricted content using all the devices connected to your home with a smart DNS proxy.

Solution for Devices That Don’t Support VPN

Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku do not support VPNs. To access Sling TV from such devices, you will need a Wi-Fi router on which you can set up the VPN. You can do this in two ways. The easier way involves creating a virtual router with a laptop, connecting the streaming device to your laptop’s hotspot, and turning on the VPN. The VPN-protected network will travel through the laptop to the streaming device.

To achieve this the other way, you must set up the VPN on your home Wi-Fi router. To do this, you’ll first need to confirm that your computer can broadcast its own Wi-Fi hotspot. Aside from that, you will require the following.

  • Use a laptop that has a Broadcom-based Wi-Fi adapter.
  • A subscribed VPN app that has support for the OpenVPN protocol.
  • Enable administrative privileges on your laptop.

To confirm that your computer can broadcast its own Wi-Fi hotspot, take the following steps,

  • On your Windows search bar, type CMD to bring out the command prompt> Run as administrator.
  • Once the command prompt opens, type netsh wlan show drivers and press enter.
  • Confirm that the hosted supported is showing” Yes,” which means the computer can broadcast its Wi-Fi hotspot.

To complete the setup, kindly refer to this guide on how to set up a Wi-Fi router on Windows and Mac.

Solution for Apple TV

On Apple TV, you can use AirPlay Mirroring to stream on your Apple TV. Firstly, you must switch on your VPN on your iOS or Mac OSX device.

Solution for Samsung TV

The bespoke operating system doesn’t allow the installation of VPNs into the TV. However, modern TVs now come with support for screen mirroring. On your Samsung TV, open the mirroring input and enable the casting feature. 

Locate the “connect to a wireless display” option on the PC; your TV will appear, and you can select it to mirror your VPN-protected desktop on your Samsung TV.


Sling TV is an American-based streaming platform available only to US visitors. As a result, its subscribers who travel abroad will lose access to stream their favorite channels from their new location. Geo-restrictions deny you access to your favorite content.

However, these restrictions are not limited to streaming services; they sometimes apply to software, products, and services. You get barred if your IP addresses gets exposed, revealing your location. The good thing is that you can overcome this by using VPNs, Smart DNS proxies, and other solutions that hide IP addresses online. We always recommend using a VPN to keep your online privacy locked. Also, it is essential to select a fast and secure VPN.

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