Hetzner Online expands server offerings with robust EX130 in two versions

Hetzner Online, the host and data centre operator from Gunzenhausen, Germany has broadened its server offerings with the robust Dedicated Server EX130, available in two versions. The powerful Intel Xeon Gold 5412U 24-core processor, a product of the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor family, forms the bedrock for both configurations. Its two dozen cores and 48 threads are capable of powering through high-intensity and increasing workloads, such as AI, analytics and high-performance computing. Hyper-Threading Technology enhances the system’s performance while its Intel Virtualization Technology simplifies heavy-duty virtualisation tasks.

The Intel CPU offers higher memory speeds and increased memory capacity, enhanced hardware security and workload acceleration. These 4th Gen processors even offer up to 53 percent improved performance. The Hetzner Online’s Dedicated Server EX130 has been designed to fully utilise this potential. “We are pleased about this partnership, which gives Hetzner customers access to high-performance servers based on Intel technology, further establishing the new Xeon processors,” relayed Sonja Pierer, Country Manager Intel Germany.

The EX130-R variant has a base configuration structured around 2 x 1.92 TB Datacenter Edition NVMe SSDs and 256 GB DDR5 ECC reg. RAM, making the system robust with high processing power and lightning-speed data memory. The EX130-S, on the other hand, is equipped with 2 x 3.84 TB Datacenter Edition NVMe SSDs and 128 GB DDR5 ECC reg. RAM making it adequately equipped to manage surges in storage requirements, characteristic of big data analytics.

Yet, remarkably, these high-potential servers demonstrate significant flexibility. Users have the choice to upgrade the DDR5 ECC reg. RAM in portions, up to a substantial 512 GB. Equally, configurations can boost their storage, with the allowance to add six additional Datacenter Edition NVMe SSDs or two additional SATA Enterprise HDDs of a variety of sizes.

“With the EX130, we have built a trim, efficient, and versatile dedicated server for our customers, one that is based on the newest and most powerful hardware, and at an unbeatable price,” said Sebastian Willer, Head of Product Development at Hetzner. The servers, readily available in Helsinki, Finland and Falkenstein, Germany, are provided with an IPv4 address, starting at a competitive price of just €134.00 with an additional one-time setup fee of only €79.00.


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