Valheim Update Introduces World Modifiers for Dedicated Servers

Valheim, the popular survival game developed by Iron Gate Studio, has released a new update for its public test branch. This update, version 0.217.19, introduces a much-awaited feature: the ability to use world modifiers on dedicated servers.

Alongside various fixes and improvements, the highlight of this update is the added functionality of world modifiers on dedicated servers. Players can now set world modifiers and presets using parameters in the startup bat file or through the console as an admin. It’s a massive change that allows for even more customization and control over the game environment.

In addition to the new world modifiers, the update also includes new buildable structures, such as the blue standing brazier. Building in-game has been made more comfortable with smoother snap points and other snapping-related tweaks. Balance adjustments have also been made, including changes to enemy health. Mini-bosses that spawn during Hildir events now have 50% less health.

This update offers a significant content update for Valheim players, making it an excellent time to hop back into the game. The patch notes provide a detailed rundown of all the additions and changes in the public test update.

For those interested in future updates and additional content, there are various Valheim mods available to enhance the gameplay experience. Additionally, if players are struggling or need to make server-related changes, they can explore Valheim cheats and console commands.

Valheim continues to captivate players with its Viking-themed survival gameplay, and this latest update adds even more possibilities and customization options for dedicated server players.

Source: Iron Gate Studio, Steam (patch notes)

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