PS5 Slim needs internet connection to set up its detachable disc drive

Last week, Sony launched the refreshed version of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) gaming console. Like the older model, the new one comes in two variants: PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. The PS5 (2023) comes with a Blu-Ray disc drive, whereas, the PS5 Digital Edition (2023) doesn’t. However, unlike the previous models, you can add a Blu-Ray disc drive to the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition by purchasing it separately, and similarly, you can remove the Blu-Ray disc drive from the standard model if you wish.

The modular design offers a lot of flexibility. For example, if you are strapped for cash, you can buy the PS5 Digitial Edition at $449.99 instead of spending $499.99 on the PS5. Later, when you feel the need for the Blu-Ray disc drive, and have the budget for it, you can buy the Disc Drive at $79.99 and attach it to the gaming console. However, attaching a Blu-Ray disc drive to the new PS5 Digitial Edition, or even using the one that comes attached to the new PS5 might not be as simple as we might have thought.

Leaked images of the new PS5’s retail box reveal requirements for pairing Blu-Ray disc drive

According to the retail packaging box of the new PS5 Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Bundle, you can’t start using the Blu-Ray disc drive that comes attached to the gaming console right out of the box. You will first have to pair that Blu-Ray disc drive to the gaming console. While that sounds weird, get this. The retail package says that you will also need an internet connection to pair the Blu-Ray disc drive to the PS5.

The requirement of an internet connection to pair the Disc Drive to the PS5 has ignited quite a spark on the internet. From what could understand, Sony might require the PS5 to be connected to the internet for you to pair it with the Disc Drive to perform some sort of verification (maybe to check if the Blu-Ray disc drive is genuine or not). That means the company might be maintaining a dedicated server for this process.

New Sony PS5 Slim (2023) Detachable Disc Drive Pairing Requires Internet Connection

The requirement could render the Disc Drive of PS5 useless in the future

Now, many people believe that Sony might have to inevitably shut down the server that carries out to authentication process, and they are concerned about what would happen after that. People are afraid that they will not be able to pair the Disc Drive to the PS5 when Sony puts the server that performs verifications to sleep. According to them, when this happens, the Disc Drive will be rendered useless, which could be a huge loss to them. People are concerned that Sony is locking down its hardware with this requirement.

Author’s Note: Sony hasn’t made any comment on the matter but we believe that it will have to clarify the issue before the new PS5 starts shipping because it is a major concern. The company could roll out a software update in the future and remove this requirement. However, even if that were to happen, Sony could take a long time to push such a software update saying that the server that performs the verification process is still operational.

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