Best Custom Maps to play in CS2

CS2 isn’t about just playing maps such as Mirage and Inferno. Fortunately, Valve allows the community to design lots of custom maps that are good for practicing or just having fun with your friends in CS2.

In fact, some of the best maps we have in Counter-Strike were entirely designed by members of the community and not Valve itself. But, given that CS2 is a fresh game, there are lots of new players that never heard of how to play custom maps.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn to download custom maps and play them, and get to know some of the best custom maps available for CS2.

How to download and install a custom map in CS2?

To download and install a custom map in CS2, you have to go through more steps than usual as Valve is yet to enable Steam’s Workshop for the game. Once the developer enables this, it’ll be much easier. For now, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Download the custom CS2 map you want to play. I’ll use aim_botz for this example.
  2. Put the map file in the CS2‘s maps folder, in the aim_botz case, it’s “aim_botz.vpk”.
    • This folder is generally located on the path C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonCounter-Strike Global Offensivegamecsgomaps.
  3. Add “-insecure” to your CS2 launch options.
    • Right-click CS2 on the Steam Library, then click “Properties”, and insert “-insecure” to launch options.

How to play a custom map in CS2

To play a custom map in CS2, you’ll need to create a private dedicated server through the game’s developer console. It might sound difficult, but it’ll only take a minute if you follow these steps.

  1. Click the “wheel” to open the Settings menu on the home page of CS2.
  2. Click the “Game” tab and make sure the developer console is enabled.
  3. Press “`” or whatever key bind you attributed to opening the console.
  4. Type map name and press enter.
    • Replace “name” with the actual map name, like aim_botz.

The best custom maps in CS2


Aim_botz is your go-to custom map when it comes to warming up your aim before matches. The map lets you kill bots and customize the configs the way you want. It’s a great option, especially if you don’t enjoy playing deathmatch.

Refrag’s aim map

While you have to pay for a Refrag subscription to get the most out of the platform, there’s one aim map for free for the players who join Refrag’s Discord server. It’s a great alternative for aim_botz because, on top of the customizable settings, you can also play to try to become the number one player in the map’s own leaderboard.

GG Predict training hub

If you’re coming to play CS2 but are more used to VALORANT, there’s a high chance you’ll enjoy the GG Predict training hub map. The map is very similar to VALORANT‘s training map and is yet another alternative for you to train your spray control and warm-up.

CS2 has been officially out since Sept. 27 and as time goes on, map makers will be providing the new version of their CS:GO maps. For now, the number of custom maps is low, but we’ll add more great maps to this list once they’re out.

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