5 best ways to push ranks (September 2023)

5 best ways to push ranks (September 2023)

Earning the Conqueror level is a prized achievement for many players in the dynamic realm of PUBG Mobile. This is the highest rank and can only be achieved by the top 500 players in the dedicated server and mode. Thus, reaching this coveted rank in this battle royale game requires immense practice, persistence, and skill.

Following this article can help you climb the ladder and dominate the battlefield, whether you’re a seasoned player or new to PUBG Mobile.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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Tips and tricks to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile

1) Master your weapon skills


You must excel in gunfights to become a Conqueror in PUBG Mobile. This begins with learning to use the various types of weapons. Each has its recoil pattern and damage output. Spend some time in training mode practicing your aim and recoil management with various guns. Here are some pointers:

Select your loadout wisely: Tailor your loadout to your play style. SMGs and shotguns are ideal for close-quarters warfare. Choose rifles or sniper rifles for long-range encounters.

Exercise burst firing: Instead of holding the trigger, practice tapping or bursts to control your shots. This minimizes recoil while increasing accuracy.

Attachments matter: Attachments can substantially improve the performance of your weapon. To maximize your chances of winning firefights, prioritize items such as compensators, vertical grips, and longer magazines.

Alternate weapons: Always keep a backup weapon on hand for versatility. When you’re in a pinch, switching to your secondary weapon can be a game changer in PUBG Mobile.

2) Map awareness and positioning


Being aware of your surroundings and correctly situating yourself can make a huge impact on your games. Here are a few pointers to help you enhance your map awareness and positioning:

Review the map: Learn the map from the ground up. Recognize the landscape, high-traffic locations, and probable hiding places. This information will assist you in planning your moves and engagements in PUBG Mobile.

Employ cover effectively: During firefights, always use cover. Peek out to take a glance, then dive behind and cover to reduce your exposure.

Stay in the zone: Be aware of the location of the safe zone and arrange your route accordingly. Staying within the safe zone gives you a significant edge because you won’t have to worry about the play area diminishing in size.

Avoid running in public: Running in open spaces makes you the prime target. Move from cover to cover as much as possible, and if you must cross open territory, employ smoke grenades or vehicles for protection.

3) Teamwork and communication


When playing in squads or duos, strong collaboration and communication can dramatically increase your chances of moving through the ranks. Here’s how to do well in this area:

Coordinate with your team: Discuss your strategy and enemy locations with your colleagues. Fighting requires teamwork to survive and win.

Make use of voice chat: If at all possible, connect with your squad via voice chat. It’s more efficient and speedier than text conversation, especially during heated periods.

Revive and protect teammates: Prioritize reviving your fallen teammates. An entire squad is more powerful than a single player. Deter opponents by providing cover fire while your friend is reviving.

Share resources: Distribute loot, ammo, and healing items to your team. In engagements, a well-equipped squad is more likely to win.

4) Smart rotations and decision-making


PUBG Mobile necessitates not only acute shooting abilities, but also sound decision-making. Here are some pointers to help you make wise rotations and decisions:

Think ahead: Predict the present state of the map and the expected placements of other players before moving. Plan your route to reduce risk in PUBG Mobile.

Be patient: Avoid unnecessary confrontations and engagements. It’s sometimes better to let other players fight it out while you keep a safe position.

Adapt to the situation: Be adaptable to shifting situations. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t be afraid to reposition or employ smoke grenades for cover.

5) Continuous learning


Becoming a Conqueror in PUBG Mobile does not happen overnight – it necessitates constant learning and development. Here’s how to keep improving:

Examine your play: Examine your performance after each match. Recognize errors and missing opportunities. One of the most effective methods to develop is to learn from your own experiences.

Observe pro players: Learn new strategies and methods by watching professional players and streamers. Take note of their decision-making and positioning.

Practice regularly: Consistent practice is essential for enhancing your abilities. To challenge yourself, spend time in training mode, play consistently, and engage in rated matches.

Keep in mind that patience and perseverance are essential, and with time, you’ll find yourself conquering the battlefield in this battle royale game.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile has been banned by the Indian government. Those from the region are advised to try out Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), which is the Indian variant of the mobile title.

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