VPS vs Dedicated Server: Which One Should You Use?

VPS vs Dedicated Server: Which One Should You Use?

There are times when websites outgrow shared hosting servers. They do not want the bad neighborhood effect to take them down. Yet the site owners aren’t ready for a dedicated hosting plan due to budgetary constraints.

Yet, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting can be the right choice. It is the bridge between shared and dedicated hosting. This gives site owners wider control and scalability instead of dedicated servers.

Now let us look at a good comparison between a VPS server and a dedicated server.


Further explaining VPS hosting – What factors make it stand out?

VPS hosting uses virtual private servers. It is a blend of shared and dedicated hosting servers for users whose sites have outgrown and outdone shared hosting servers. Like shared hosting, VPS hosting allows many sites to use an individual server.

Each website on a VPS server has its own partitioned space using virtualization. It means that the site uses its allocation of server resources. Also, they can use their own desired operating system and applications.

This is how VPS hosting helps replicate isolation from other websites. This can characterize dedicated hosting without reserving a server for one site only.

VPS is like shared hosting but much better. Clients share server hardware with others but have their own allocated server resources. A sudden spike in usage by one site is unlikely to affect others on it. Since each site has its partition, they are safe from downtime and slowdowns.

Users can only access their virtual environments without any infection or malware. As each website has its own virtual space, users have full control over it. VPS provides root access for giving permissions and installing operating systems and applications.

VPS Hosting servers provide partitioned server portions. They work like independent dedicated servers hosting individual websites. Clients can use them like that with more customization, security, and scalability. The costs are lower than most dedicated hosting packages and plans offered.


Enhanced control and customization

Users have limited control over shared hosting environments. This is about their website’s features and functions. Dedicated and VPS hosting environments are different. They both provide many levels of customization and control of the website.

In such kinds of environments, the host handles maintaining servers. They too also upgrade their software and manage their resources too.

Moreover, site owners have access to the website’s core functionality. They are at liberty to install the needed operating systems and applications. This is usually to manage their websites.

For this very reason, most users use both VPS and dedicated hosting options. Those having experience in web design and development find it beneficial. This is because most providers have self-managed options in their hosting plans.

Those who prefer to leave site management to professionals are in luck. Both VPS and dedicated hosting services providers offer managed plan options. Managed hosting plans have different levels and are customized in various ways. Users have options to choose from features and functions available for growing websites.

VPS Hosting providers can offer customized customer and technical support. Clients have access to in-depth support and dedicated support teams for site management. This support is like the strong support offered by dedicated hosting service providers.


Amplified stability and robust security

Shared hosting is a renowned security risk. VPS and dedicated hosting can add more robust security measures in place. As mentioned earlier, the general security of servers is the host’s responsibility.

Yet, users of VPS and dedicated hosting can usually install their protection. They do so to meet the specific requirements of individual businesses: companies managing financial, medical, or other sensitive data.

In both hosting situations, users’ websites are isolated from contact with others. VPS server uses the virtual partitioning system to separate one site from the other. This helps eliminates the risk of bad neighborhood effects associated with shared hosting.

VPS hosting (like dedicated hosting) offers more stability and improved website performance. Server resources are allotted to each user within the individual virtual spaces provided. This prevents site speed and stability from getting wrongly affected by surges in web traffic or other issues associated with the bad neighborhood effect typical of a shared server.


More flexibility and scalability

VPS hosting plans offer various scalable and flexible solutions which depend on a website’s growth level. Self-managed hosting options give users the chance to install the apps they need for both functionality and security. On the other hand, managed hosting plans give users the chance to add or remove services as per their needs.

VPS hosting provides room for rising site traffic and more functionality with options to migrate to another server within the hosting environment whenever needed (without changing the vendors).

This serves as a gateway to a dedicated hosting server as a website evolves or serves a user’s needs as per the website’s lifespan.


The affordability factor is present.

VPS hosting is often known to be the middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting, and it is usually more expensive than shared hosting. Yet VPS hosting is more affordable than dedicated hosting.

With a wide array of tiered plans combining services, features, and resources for various requirements of site owners, VPS hosting usually offers options ranging from basic plans, which are the equivalent of top tiers of shared hosting. These start from almost $20 or $30 a month to almost $200 for more advanced packages.

Those advanced packages are similar to the prices of low-tier dedicated hosting service plans.



Despite its benefits, each website owner may not find VPS hosting beneficial (as not everyone can afford it). Yet it is a solution for those whose websites have outgrown shared hosting servers. It is also worthwhile for those who wish to have more control over the website’s features and performance.

Furthermore, VPS hosting has features of dedicated hosting at half the price website owners can easily try out. It is a unique blend of shared and dedicated hosting, which can lead to the latter or be the best solution for a website. Those who wish to buy VPS server can do so without hesitation.


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