Sandbox adventure game Necesse announces major update and new soundtrack

Sandbox adventure game Necesse announces major update and new soundtrack

Open world sandbox game Necesse is getting an endgame update, as well as many overhauls.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Necesse – the open-world sandbox colony action-adventure game from Hooded Horse and Fair Games – has just recieved a major update. Take NPCs on expeditions, embark on dangerous new end-game incursions, and rediscover magic-based loadouts with the overhauled mana system. Necesse is playable solo, in co-op with a group of friends, or on a dedicated server with hundreds of other players – check out the brand-new gameplay trailer and gear up for the next adventure!

The new patch debuts the first iteration of Necesse’s upcoming end-game system. Defeat a powerful wizard to secure tablets with which to construct altars that give you access to new mission types and biomes. Each new area to explore comes with new bosses, weapons, and gear. More content will be added to the endgame over time including new zone mechanics.

Solo adventurers can also now invite settlers to join their party and explore the world. These companions will need food but can also use potions if given access. Like in multiplayer, enemies and bosses will scale depending on how many NPC companions are in a party. Your adventures will also be accompanied by ten new original tracks that have been dispersed throughout the game.

Last but not least, magical weapons and gear have been overhauled. All weapons in this category have been rebalanced and will now consume mana, and new trinkets and potions will assist with mana generation.

Other features of the update include:

  • A new Miner settler that can go on mining trips that’ll make acquiring precious ores easier
  • A Cartographer Table for sharing maps with other players
  • Better island generation with more natural formations
  • New buffs for settlers from food
  • And more balancing and quality-of-life tweaks

Necesse‘s new update brings new NPCs, 11 new original tracks, better island generation, a whole new tier of mana and health potions, and more.

Necesse is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).

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