Feature Request – Unity Hub Command Line: install-modules Dedicated Server not supported


we’re using the command line of Unity Hub to install the unity instances we use to build our Unity projects in the CI.

For us upcomind is a project where we will need to be able to use the dedicated server build support in order to automatically create the server build. However, neight the documentation nor the help contain any information about how to automatically install this build support using the command line of Unity Hub.

Is this just missing from the documentation but implemented, or is this not implemented yet?
If it’s not yet supported: will this be added in the near future?
I think since the dedicated server build support targets specifically people who are able to make use of the reduced load on a server, these users in particular would probably be interested in automating as many steps of their work as possible, including the setup of build servers.

Thanks in advance for any help/hints,



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