Farming Simulator 22 Update 1.23 for August 3 became part of the puzzle

Farming Simulator 22 update 1.23 (PS5 version 1.220) has been out now on all platforms, and it’s for this patch version 1.12. This update has a new fox coat and also some bug fixes. Read more about the farming simulator of October 2.

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New Additions

  • HORSCH’s farm horde brought some heroines.

Bugfixes & new things, etc.

  • Revited to Intel XeSS 1.1, upscaling upscaling upscaling upscaling upscaling upscaling.
  • Redesign of multiplayer menu with arena/bale Stacking modes.
  • A real-life rebranding led to an updated logo on Ploeger AT5104 LNMS, and immediately upgraded to Oxbo AT5104 LNMS, due to the new logo.
  • Dedicated Server: Fixed load error when loading ModHub DB data.
  • Bugfixes are present in Arena and Bale Stacking modes.
  • Dedicated Server: Added auto activation for dependent mods.
  • Difficult server: Added depending modification warning: ‘Submitted mod’.
  • Dedicated Server: Added log rotation.
  • Dedicated Server: Added live preview of log files.
  • Dedicated Server: Added highlight of non ModHub mods.
  • Dedicated Server: Added additional user performance graph (Blue: System, Green: Process): Dedicated Server: Added new customer performance graph (Blue: System, Process): Dedicated Server: Added to table table: Dedicated Server: Dedicated Server: Dedicated Server: Dedicated Server: Added more server performance graphs; Added Green: Process: Dedicated Server: Dedicated Server: Dedicated Server: Dedicated Server: Dedicated Server (Blue: System, Enhanced: System, Enhanced): Dedicated
  • The number of played-pad buttons soared to 128.


  • The number of animals whose families support each other increased by their breeding skills.

Source: Farmer’s Guider.

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