WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting & Maintenance

Keeping your WordPress website’s environment updated is important for a host of reasons. Security foremost, as vulnerabilities are often pushed through updates for the many plugins your site relies on. Compatibility is also important, as plugins and themes can conflict and become outdated if left to age. We take care of all of this, and we warranty any WordPress issues that occur on our watch.

When not properly updated, WordPress websites not only become vulnerable, but conflicts between outdated plugins, themes and the WordPress core can break your site’s functionality. This leads to unprofessional broken elements on your website and the entire site can go down. For a business, this risk is unacceptable. Minimizing downtime is paramount.

Regularly updating your plugins, themes and WordPress core is crucial. But sometimes even the update process can create conflicts as well. Luckily, we back up your site daily and warranty any issues that arise with the update process. Our developers are well-versed in sniffing out and fixing WordPress conflicts, especially with plugins – the most common culprit in broken WordPress websites. Plus, we take care of the updates themselves each week for you.


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