VAULTROOM, “GTAV” streamer dedicated server “VCR GTA” starts today around 20:00! – GAME See

1 day ago


The gaming community “VAULTROOM” will hold a streamer event “VCR GTA” using the open world crime game “Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV)” from around 20:00 on 18 July.

“Grand Theft Auto V” is an open criminal action game released in 2013. About 10 years have passed since its release, but the online mode “Grand Theft Auto: Online” is still being updated, and you can participate in robbery missions, earn money in the casino and collect cars. You can live a life with a high degree of freedom.

VAULTROOM has held events in the survival FPS “RUST” and the open world dinosaur survival action “ARK: Survival Evolved”. It is a popular content where many streamers such as players belonging to professional gaming teams, game distributors and VTubers participate. What kind of development will unfold at the first “VCR GTA” is expected.

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