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The dedicated game server can be configured with a JSON file in the configurations folder, called

When first starting the server, the default configuration file will be created in the configurations folder, if it doesn’t exist already. You can either create it like this or simply create a JSON file as described in the following paragraph.

Our configuration file is written in JSON format. You can find online a multitude of resources that can teach you how to deal with such files. We will list below some basic mistakes when editing JSON files:

and contains a JSON formatted document that defines all parameters related to the game server configuration. It has to be placed in the configurations folder. Below is the default file.

“IpAddress”: “”,
“GamePort”: 8766,
“QueryPort”: 27016,
“BlobSyncPort”: 9700,
“ServerName”: “Sons Of The Forest Server (dedicated)”,
“MaxPlayers”: 8,
“Password”: “”,
“LanOnly”: false,
“SaveSlot”: 1,
“SaveMode”: “Continue”,
“GameMode”: “Normal”,
“SaveInterval”: 600,
“IdleDayCycleSpeed”: 0.0,
“IdleTargetFramerate”: 5,
“ActiveTargetFramerate”: 60,
“LogFilesEnabled”: false,
“TimestampLogFilenames”: true,
“TimestampLogEntries”: true,
“SkipNetworkAccessibilityTest”: false,
“GameSettings”: {},
“CustomGameModeSettings”: {}



Accepted Values


Listening interface for the game server, usually if listening on all interfaces.

any string formatted ipv4 address


UDP port used for gameplay netcode.



UDP port used by Steam to list the server and enable the discovery services.



BlobSyncPort UDP port used by the BlobSync system to initialize game systems and exchange data.



Name of the server visible in the server list, and in the Steam contacts.

any string


The maximum number of players allowed simultaneously on the server.

integer (1-8)


Adds a password to make your server “private”. Upon connection, this password will be requested before the client can proceed.

any string up to 40 characters long


Allows or restricts the server visibility to LAN only.

true, false


When creating a new save, this number will be the id of the save.

integer greater or equal to 1


Game save initialization mode.
“continue”: will create a new save on SaveSlot if it doesn’t exist, or load it if it exist.
“new”: will create a new game, with a new game id, and overwrite any game previously saved on the SaveSlot. If the server stops and restarts, the previous save will be overwritten for as long as the mode is set to “new”.

new, continue


Sets the difficulty game mode when creating a new save. This parameter is ignored if loading a save (save mode set to “continue” with a save that exists on the slot). If the game mode is set to “custom”, then the custom game mode settings will be read from CustomGameModeSettings option, described later.

normal, hard, hardsurvival, peaceful, custom


How often the game server automatically saves the game to SaveSlot, in seconds.



A multiplier to how quickly the time passes compared to normal gameplay when the server is considered idle (no player connected).

floating point value between 0 and 1, greater than or equal to 0


Target framerate of the server when it’s considered idle (no player connected).

integer greater or equal to 1


Target framerate of the server when it’s NOT considered idle (one or more player connected).

integer greater of equal to 10


Defines if the logs will be written to files. The logs will be output in /logs.

true, false


Enabled log files timestamping.
“true”: every time the server runs will dump log output to a new file, with filename having the following format: sotf_log_{DateTime:yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss}.txt
• “false”: the filename will be sotf_log.txt and previous log will be overwritten if it already exists.

true, false


Enables each log entry written to file to be timestamped.

true, false


Opt-out of network accessibility self tests: retrieval of the public IP and listing on Steam Master Server, as well as port accessibility check. Please note that only IPv4 is officially supported.

true, false


A key value map of all game settings you can use to tweak your game (in any mode). All parameters will be listed in a later paragraph along with their possible values. If the value is null, or empty, default settings will be used.

Refer to Game Settings section


A key value map of all settings available to customize your game in custom mode. All parameters are listed later in this guide along with their possible values. If the value is null, or empty, default settings will be used. This parameter is ignored if the game mode is not “custom” or if loading a save (save mode set to “continue” with a save that exists on the slot), whether is it “custom” or not.

Refer to Custom Game Mode Settings section

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