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So since the new update thralls and animals conversions are way faster.

I got the thrall conversion down with:


Tried the same with the animals/pet one:


But it doesnt work. Anyone knows the right config demand?

I am playing on my own dedicated server.

Hello and welcome to the Conan Exiles forums.

Do you want to increase the conversion time of the enslaved NPCs? Have you saved your changes to your server’s page? .
For G-Portal servers, the backup tab is at the top right when you are on the parameter page.

If you cannot get what you want, change the values ​​of the server’s parameters directly by playing, to do this ——> parameter ——> server parameters, select: Make me an administrator (between your password) then go to the tab: crafts and change the convert values ​​with your mouse or controller.

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Thank you for taking your time. Like i said the thrall config works the pet/animal doesnt.
I host it on my own dedicated machine and just need to know which is the correct config line to increase the conversion time of animal cubs.

iirc the animal pen works the opposite way, so 0.000XX instead of XX.0000 to get it slower.
I’m not sure, but worth trying.

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On Playstation server’s lowering the number speeds up taming time for thralls and pets. Lowest number is insta thralls and pets. @Arual

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