Dedicated Server – Feedback/Feature Requests

I tried searching and didn’t find an active topic for a dedicated server. I had found an old link that went nowhere for such a topic, so I figure the thought had been mentioned, but I don’t know what the end result was. Is there a way for a dedicated server to be created or is there a potential for that in the future?

I ask as I think it would help with my Rival spawn issue. I used to have sooo many Rivals. Then I needed them for schematic points. Needless to say, they are now an endangered species!! Lol! I read that it takes up to an hour for a new one to generate. So I would love to leave the game running, but I’m really running my GPU at the same time for no reason. A dedicated server would just run the mechanics, not the graphics.

Anyway, I’m sure I don’t have to break it all down for the awesome people who made this game, I was just hoping that it might be on the books or already possible and I’m just not aware.

Thanks so much you guys!! :+1:

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