Ganymede Gaming PvPvE Roleplay Survival :: Space Engineers Multiplayer

Ganymede Gaming PvPvE Roleplay Survival :: Space Engineers Multiplayer

Hello! I am here to bring the news that our Alpha has concluded and we have just wiped on 01/08/2021 and are in Open Beta! This is the unveiling of our 4 server universe that aims to offer any player and every player something to aim for and lots of fun to have over time, and to do SE differently than you are used to 🙂


A Bit of Info: I am currently developing a modpack/server experience based around near future realism and providing the player with design choices, engineering challenges, roleplay elements, trading, and progression that I feel vanilla SE does not even come close to providing. I will link the mod list:

So far the community is great and the server/community are extremely excited from only the bit of testing we have done so far. My plan ultimately is to build a community of active players who help make the world feel alive, and grow the world/community as they continue to play and advance in the way of life they choose to live.

Server description:

  • The aim of this server is to provide you, the player, with countless options for decoration, tiered tech/armors/thrusters/blocks(no need to spam 300 refineries or generators), engineering challenges with drag/atmospheric reentry heat and reactors that explode when not properly protected, multiple tiers of PvE, immersion with improved visual/hud/ship capabilities, a significantly improved trade/economy system with local supply/demand and player owned trade stations (make your own industry! or pirate those who do!), and so much more. We aim to bring a scale and immersion to Space Engineers you never knew possible.
  • Have fun! We are all here playing a game, so, why be so serious? Start your own company or join up with others in theirs, become a group of pirates or a group of mercenaries who provide safety to traders, the possibilities are endless!
  • If you are worried about a learning curve or not knowing the mods in the list, do not worry. We are currently working on making a starters guide and wonderful wiki:

    to ease the learning curve to new players, give people starting out tips to get them rolling, and to help people make the most use of the mods and scripts at their disposal.

Security System Explanation:

I will now explain the security system for anyone completely unfamiliar with such a thing from other space games:

  • 1x High security server: Consists of 2 star systems separated by an enormous distance so you need a local jump gate to get between them. There is no PvP(prevented via plugin) and no PvE (turned off all encounters) and limited resources (meaning no pure uranium/platinum only super rare and mixed [all ores are from better stone]). To get good resources you’d need to trade for them off miners/traders or venture out into low/null sec to get them
  • 2x Low security servers: Consist of 2 star systems each separated by a decent but travelable distance with jump drives. These contain rare plat/uranium, restricted PvP (part of the Rp elements and explained more in detail in the discord and on the wiki) and non shielded enemies who are not seeking to wipe your filth off the crust of the planet or crater your base.
  • 1x null security server: The wild west, no rules, Open PvP, HARD PvE, but riches and resources beyond your wildest dream. Come here to mine and make a killing,but getting the goods out alive won’t be an easy feat. Here you can find high level boss encounters and high end PvE that can reward T6/T7 components and weapons, and the only planetary sources of Titanium (needed to upgrade past T4)


  • For the development and eventual server launch:
  • Come hang out and make suggestions in #suggestions if you have any!

Testing Screenshot Gallery (just some images from the showcase and screenshots channel):

Teaser Video:

Update Log:

So these are the big TO DO items so that people can know what to expect if you join the server

  • Run this Open beta to feel progression, long run mechanics, and to see how well the 4 servers work together and challenges that in time that will create. Expected to run ~a month or more
  • Fix anything identified as a problem in the open beta and possibly due specific testing to ensure those things are fixed. After that we move to full release
  • Grow server staff and find a community manager


  • What are the server configs (note: i explain how to fully configure a private test world in the discord)?

    -I have it on 10x player inventory, realistic item size, and 2x speeds for all other machines, and no block type limit or PCU limits are planned, but PbLimiter is being used, im actively going to tune these settings as I want scripts and freedom, but there needs to be compromise when you have enormous servers.

  • Thruster torque: Disabled, SmallMax 350/LargeMax 500 , Advanced lift: False

    -Certain grids are blacklisted in MES because they are just cancerous and don’t help the server/players in any fashion, they are just a genuine annoyance (part of our testing is also identifying these grids, if you run into problem grids let us know)

  • Is the server up?

    -Yes. To join, you can search “Ganymede” in the server browser. All but null sec are possible starts for your character, and you need to join the discord, give yourself the role “Beta Tester” (in #how-to-install) in order to stay on the server..

  • Well, then when will the full release be out?

    -I plan to have the final “live” server up within the next 4 months if all things go smoothly. I don’t want to get many people invested in the server/experience, rush it, and it turn out awful. So far with the Pre-Alpha and Alpha, players are absolutely loving the gameplay changes and I hope to continue improving that!

Final notes:

-Thank you for reading this far, please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to join the discord and ask. You can also ask in the comments, I am extremely approachable and willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have

-Also, if you do help out in development before the server is fully live, I cannot thank you enough. Going from the day I decided I wanted a lot more from space engineers to being right here releasing a beta has been a wild ride and I cannot wait to see the fun/wild things that occur moving forward. Also I thank you putting up with the fact that things are not perfect yet and that we are trying to get them there. Your help testing things out is the only reason we have gotten this far as fast as we have 🙂

-If you were wondering, One server is in Western Pennsylvania in the U.S. and the other Server is outside of Toronto, CA. We have many players from the EU ranging from Great Britain to parts of Germany with playable ping from what is reported. If you wish to test out your ping before diving in head first you can use these days before release to connect and try things before we officially open up fro open beta on the 8th

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