Dedicated Server RAM Guide | InMotion Hosting

Dedicated Server RAM Guide | InMotion Hosting

If you know that you need the power, control, and customization of a Dedicated Server, then you will need to choose a plan — and hardware — appropriate to your business. One of the biggest differences between our Dedicated Server plans is how much RAM (Random Access Memory) is available.

Understanding this key component will help you to avoid slow-performing websites or web-based applications. While RAM is not cheap, it is also a necessary component in providing a high-performance server.

Knowing how much RAM you need for a given server configuration and purpose will help you start your business’s latest project on the right foot.

The Differences Between Managed cPanel and Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Managed cPanel Dedicated Servers

Our Managed cPanel Dedicated Servers are based on the popular cPanel server software. You’ll have cPanel, and WebHost Manager (WHM) available to help you automate basic hosting tasks within a graphical user interface. These hosting plans are Managed Hosting, which means that our team can directly assist with certain aspects of setup and provide knowledgeable feedback on certain common situations.

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers offer a great deal of control such as your choice of Operating System. They are fully customizable to whatever specifications you choose. Configurations on these types of servers can vary so greatly from one machine to another that our support will be limited compared to our Managed cPanel Servers. Beyond installing a basic operating system and helping you connect to the server via SSH, you and your team will be in charge of everything on a Bare Metal Dedicated Server.

The Best Choice for You

Managed cPanel Dedicated Servers are best suited to websites that use standard cPanel software. They let you save time compared to Bare Metal Dedicated Servers. WordPress websites are especially suited to Managed cPanel Dedicated Servers since so much of WordPress is already optimized for cPanel.

Conversely, Bare Metal Dedicated Servers are best for those building custom web applications and those wishing to take advantage of specific operating systems. These servers will require more direct systems administration — and a deeper understanding of server architecture — but can offer you options you won’t find on any other plan.

Dedicated Server RAM Features to Understand

DDR3 vs DDR4: Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM has been the industry standard RAM format for decades. The number merely refers to the product generation. DDR4 began to replace DDR3 in the mid-2010s, though DDR3’s lower cost means that is still a great choice in budget-conscious situations.

ECC: Error Correction Code (ECC) RAM is a configuration that helps prevent certain types of server errors and mitigate their negative effects should they occur.

Estimate How Much RAM Your Site or App Will Need

Understanding your RAM requirements will depend on your applications and the load placed on your server based on its configuration and traffic. If you have a lot of people hitting your server then you will have multiple tasks running that require RAM. Additional factors may include your operating system and heavy CPU tasks such as graphic rendering.

You may also determine your RAM requirements by the prediction of your website’s growth. You can then determine whether to have more RAM than you would normally require. Remember that you can also opt to downgrade the amount of RAM that you use depending on your budget or server operation need.

Estimate Based on Experience

The best way to determine how much RAM you need for a Dedicated Server is to already have relevant data from a Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting Plan — or from a similar site/business. Chances are, if you’re ready to put your business onto a Dedicated Server, you or someone in your business already has these numbers and knows what the most important consideration — and most likely limitation — is going to be.

Remember to account for the effect that Control Panels and Content Management Systems will have on your server. If you and your SysAdmin team are custom-coding a highly optimized and static shopping experience, you’re going to be making much more efficient use of RAM than someone putting a ready-made eCommerce solution on a WordPress site — but that ready-made solution may be more cost-effective based on how much easier it is to get up and running! If you’re not sure where to start in gathering this sort of data and planning out what size server is best for you, reach out to our Managed Hosting Team to schedule a consultation.

Server RAM vs. PC RAM

If you’re used to seeing personal computer specs, the amount of RAM on a server can seem low. These days, hobbyists and professionals will usually view 16GB of RAM on a desktop PC as the bare minimum. Memory-hungry programs like video editors and the latest games can make even 32GB of RAM feel underpowered. If that’s the case, why does the amount of RAM on most servers seem comparatively low?

Generally speaking, server software does not use much RAM for standard, single-user operations. A RAM-intensive program on your personal computer can easily use nine or ten GB of RAM to run smoothly, but even the most memory-intensive web applications usually support multiple users per GB of RAM.

Modern site design even offloads a great deal of the work of a site to the visitor’s computers through the intelligent use of JavaScript and other client-side languages. If you aren’t yet sure how much RAM your site or application needs, don’t worry — you can always upgrade or downgrade later on.

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