8 Astroneer Dedicated Server Hosting to Conquer the Cosmos

8 Astroneer Dedicated Server Hosting to Conquer the Cosmos

When you have dedicated server hosting for Astroneer, it elevates the gaming experience to a whole new level. With server hosting, you can enjoy lag-free gaming and many amazing features. 

Astroneer is a rage among gamers who love to immerse themselves in open-world multiplayer sandbox games. 

The arrival of this game has garnered a lot of active users across all the platforms, and with that popularity, the use of dedicated servers has also increased. 

It enables you to explore and reshape far-off worlds without interruption, which is exciting for Astroneer gamers who love long-hour exploration and crafting. 

This is why hardcore fans of Astroneer prefer using a dedicated server to experience smooth gameplay, better security, and unique features. 

So, if you are new to the game and imagining whether to go for self-hosting or dedicated hosting, this article can help you. 

What Is Astroneer?

Set on the intergalactic discovery age theme in the 25th century, Astroneer is a sandbox adventure game designed to immerse you in mystical places of the universe. This adventure and exploration game was developed by System Era Softworks and was released on 16th December 2016.

Astroneer had an initial release in December 2016; at that time, it was only in its demo stage. Developed using Unreal Engine 4, the character you will play is an Astroneer, and it can traverse through planets to explore the mysteries of uncharted territory. The game was released as a multi-platform sandbox adventure for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.


The exciting and adventurous third-person multiplayer game, Astroneer, lets you explore the unknown frontiers of outer space. 

As a player or an Astroneer, you will enter the game with many missions and tasks that you must accomplish. The player will be tasked with creating structures, collecting resources, and colonizing different distant planets in outer space. 

However, your main motto will be to explore and reshape distant worlds. For that, you will need to find and build many tools and vehicles. Since you will be an astronomer (or an astronaut), you will be subjected to many harsh environments while unlocking different mysteries and finding rare discoveries of the vast universe. 

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The game immerses you in exciting open-world gameplay, where you will use resin and compounds to create numerous items. From crafting spacecraft, atmospheric condensers, research champers, and solar panels to jets and tractors, you will have the ability to create a lot of things that will help you in exploration. 

Besides regular items, you can collect “byte” materials which are crafting materials, and use them to discover new technologies that can be used for crafting advanced items. The terrain tool will be your primary tool in outer space. You’ll use it to collect vital resources and reshape the environment. 

Along with the terrain tool, you will also get a backpack which will serve as the central storage place and HUD. Throughout the exploration, the backpack will be your best friend because it will help you access everything from one place. The game gets even more interesting when you collaborate with others to build items and vehicles and also create your base around them.

Harnessing your creativity and exploring the uncharted space is the best way to enjoy the game. It will hype your interest throughout because it doesn’t have a set storyline, and the game progresses according to the missions and tasks you complete.

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Server to Play Astroneer?

While exploring the fantastic and mystical world in Astroneer, you wouldn’t want to experience performance issues, significant lags, and frequent crashes. 

However, when you shift to an Astroneer dedicated server, these problems are resolved. Let’s understand the benefits of using a dedicated server to play Astroneer. 

Seamless Lag-Free Performance

Lag free performance for Astroneer Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting for Astroneer will offer an impressive gaming performance. You will get faster loading times. It will also make the game lag-free and crash-free while securing your games, saved files, and data. The servers are also loaded with sufficient resources and proper configuration to enable an immersive gaming experience.

Highly Reliable Infrastructure

Top Astroneer dedicated servers come equipped with power systems, premium cooling systems, backup generators, and high bandwidth. 

This means you can play Astroneer with your friends and other players without facing any disturbance. These dedicated servers even come in a high percentage SLA, so the chance of latency is relatively low while playing the game.

Complete Control

Complete control in Astroneer

With a dedicated Astroneer server hosting, you get complete control over the game. You can manage your gameplay and the total number of players participating in the game. 

You can configure the server according to your requirements. The dedicated servers also allow you to choose the processor, RAM, and bandwidth you need.

Impressive Storage Solution

A dedicated server will offer you vast storage space and is equipped with an advanced memory storage system. This ensures enormous storage of saved data and modes, along with backups. 

Robust Security Coverage

DDoS is a standard security issue faced by many Astroneer gaming fans. This disrupts the gameplay by hampering the traffic. 

However, dedicated servers provide robust security coverage, including anti-DDoS protection and a firewall. The servers are entirely protected by advanced security measures to ensure you get a great Astroneer gaming session.

Enables Cross-Play

Cross play through Astroneer Dedicated Server Hosting

Since Astroneer is a multi-platform sandbox game, dedicated servers enable players from any platform to play with each other. If you are playing Astroneer on PC, you can easily play with your friends on a dedicated server, even if they have an Xbox or PS4. 

However, for Xbox One players, the dedicated servers must be authentic. Otherwise, they won’t be able to join the game.

Global Locations

Astroneer server hosting providers have data centers across the world so that you can choose the nearest location and benefit from reduced lag and a smoother gaming experience. You can connect with your friends from around the world and enjoy the game.

Minimum Server Requirement

To enjoy playing Astroneer on a dedicated server, the minimum server requirements are:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600X or Intel Core i5 similar 64-bit processor
  • 3.8 GHz clock speed processor
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM
  • NVME-powered 500 GB SSD
  • 10 Gbps DDoS protection
  • 250 Mbit/s unmetered bandwidth

Now, let’s look at the top Astroneer dedicated server hosting you can choose from.


Nitrado is a widely used Astroneer dedicated server that has been catering to gamers’ requirements for years. Whether you need smooth gameplay or ample space for astronauts, Nitrado has your back. 


You will get flexible runtime and server bandwidth modifications to enjoy the game according to your preference. Unlike others, you won’t have to go through any hassle while installing plug-ins or mods for Astroneer. 

To protect you from online threats, Nitrado comes equipped with DDoS protection, fail-safe server hardware, and daily backup. Along with that, you also get the option to create your private Discord channel where you can coordinate with your friends. 

If you wish to get this server, then you will have to choose between four packages which include a 3-day subscription, a 30-day subscription, a 90-day subscription, and a customizable option.


OVHcloud is a popular dedicated server hosting that you can use for playing Astroneer. It will allow you to play the game with optimum resources and host multiplayer sessions with your friends. 


All the latest gaming servers of this service provider are based on advanced AMD Ryzen processors. Their unique water-cooling technology and high bandwidth ensure a fluid gaming experience. 

OVHcloud gives you complete control over the server you rent. You can easily manage users and gameplay and customize the server storage and memory. One of the significant reasons why many Astroneer gaming enthusiasts choose this server is because they get a high storage space based on the latest NVMe SSD drives in multiple sizes. 

Currently, you have four dedicated server options to choose from Rise-Game-1, Rise-Game-2, Game-1, and Game-2, each with its advantages. 


From solid gaming performance and full FTP access to DDoS protection, Shockbyte strives to ensure you get excellent gameplay. With this service provider, you won’t have to worry about lags, downtimes, and disturbances while you play Astroneer. 

shockbyte for Astroneer Dedicated Server Hosting

Shockbyte provides an 8-player slot and 2GB RAM support for better performance. It also provides 100% uptime and automatic backup, so you can explore the unknown whenever you want to. 

Whether you are playing from the USA or South Asia, you will always get low latency as the servers are located worldwide. The instant setup features make it easy for gamers to set up the server.  

Shockbyte has been providing dedicated servers for years with affordable plans without compromising on hardware resources. 


PingPerfect offers one of the most affordable Astroneer server hosting services and additional discounts for extended rental periods. You will get optimum performance as the servers are backed by high-specification hardware. 


Moreover, the chance of an interruption or losing data while playing on this server is almost none. The credit for this goes to its in-house backup system. You can easily communicate with your friends while playing Astroneer and benefit from its 1GB web space. 

The intuitive game panel makes it easier for every Astroneer enthusiast to configure the server and other specifications before starting a session. High ping is a common issue, but PingPerfect has worldwide data centers to ensure you won’t face this issue while using their server.


With a worldwide data center coverage from North America, South America, and Europe to Asia Pacific, LogicServers is a go-to choice for many Astroneer gaming enthusiasts. This dedicated server hosting incorporates high-end hardware to help every gamer enjoy the game with their teammates without any lag. 


You can enable mods to spice up the gameplay, and you can easily do it by following some guides. The game servers are powered by TCAdmin, which means you can make changes or configure the server with ease. 

Furthermore, LogicServers ensures instant setup of your chosen server, meaning you can instantly play with your friends once you make the payment. Features like easy one-click updates and custom command lines also enhance the overall user experience and spare you from any hassle. 

For online security, you will get DDoS protection. In addition, the service provider also treats you with a backup and restore facility, which is vital for your Astroneer dedicated server to be on the safer side.


Considered a premier game-dedicated hosting server, GTXGaming is widely favored by Astroneer fans throughout the world. They have been offering their services since the game’s arrival, and with time, they have enhanced their service to a whole new level. 

gtxgaming for Astroneer Dedicated Server Hosting

GTXGaming not only has a host of features but also a meticulously designed control panel that makes it easy for you to play Astroneer and control the server. It offers advanced tools and simple sliders so that you can efficiently utilize the service whether you are a new player or a seasoned gamer.

You get all the features you would expect from a top Astroneer dedicated server, including easy configuration, DDoS protection, enterprise hardware support, and many more. However, you can’t utilize the server for PS4 and Xbox as it has been solely designed to host the PC Steam version of Astroneer.  


You can never go wrong with LOW.MS if you choose its server for playing multiplayer games like Astroneer. Considered high-performance hosting, it gives you affordable monthly plans to host a dedicated server for Astroneer. 


With every server, the team provides you with a free 10GB memory allowance, which is useful when you play with many other players. The server comes with the hardware configuration of high-end processors, massive RAM backup, and NVMe storage support.

Thanks to DDoS protection, your data and files are safe. So you can enjoy smooth gameplay without interruption or lag. Along with 24/7 customer support, LOW.MS also guarantees you 99.9% uptime which is excellent for any gamer. 

Suppose you find your dedicated Astroneer server by LOW.MS to lag or have high latency, you can ask for a full refund within five days of ordering.


With a dedicated Astroneer server by Netplayers, you can explore the far-off worlds with more power and control. The impressive benefits you will get with this service provider are regular updates, instant setup, and an easy option to install mods.


Geared with the latest CPUs, high RAM, memory, and super fast SSDs, the dedicated servers will take care of the performance while you enjoy the exploration with your friends. 

Netplayers has developed a simple and easy-to-use interface that will make it effortless for you to manage your server, even if you are a beginner. In addition, you will get DDoS protection systems to stay safe while playing Astroneer without getting interrupted by online attacks or bandwidth losses.

With Netplayers, you don’t have to spend much on rentals. Just pay $5.53 monthly and enjoy an extensive array of features and a 10-player slot. 


Having dedicated Astroneer server hosting offers a seamless gaming experience with more power, control, and features. 

Thus, play the multiplayer game of Astroneer with your friends and explore the unknown worlds by choosing the best Astroneer server hosting that can meet your requirements. 

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