What is the “problem with the dedicated server” error in Halo Infinite?

The Halo Infinite multiplayer allows you to jump into the massively multiplayer aspect of the game. You’ll be able to sync up with your friends and face off against opponents across various game modes and maps. Because the multiplayer aspect is an online component of the game, the servers won’t always function. Some players have encountered several issues, such as the error message “there was a problem with the dedicated server.” Here’s what you need to know how to handle this issue in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.

Can you fix the “problem with the dedicated server” error?

If you see the “there was a problem with the dedicated server” error, the servers themselves are having a bit of a problem, and it’s entirely on 343 Industries’ side, along with the Xbox team. Before jumping to this conclusion, you’ll want to check your internet connection to Xbox Live, reset it or restart your console or PC, and try connecting again. If you’re still having trouble, jump on over to the Halo Infinite support page to see if there are any reported issues.

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Unfortunately, the Halo Infinite support page does not have an active display detailing the server’s status. A good alternative is to check out the Downdetector page for Halo Infinite. You won’t be able to receive the full details of the problem, but you’ll be able to see if it’s happening to other people. If there’s a massive spike, there’s a good chance the Halo Infinite servers are experiencing problems.

You’ll likely need to set the game down and return when things have calmed down. You expect this to happen on the game’s launch day and whenever an update arrives for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. However, this problem can also occur on other busy days, when specific events drop, or when players want to jump into Halo Infinite’s matchmaking service. We recommend taking a brief break from the game for these issues to resolve before you try returning to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.


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