Steam Workshop::ROGUE

Unique rogue-lite mode for CS:GO

WARNING: THIS IS AN EARLY ACCESS VERSION! Bugs and problems may occur. Some of the content is missing!


  • Procedurally generated locations
  • Progression! Unlock cards, blueprints, characters and a lot of other stuff!
  • More than 100 cards with abilities and curses
  • Unique enemies
  • Play solo or with up to 2 friends
  • 8 characters, each with special abilities and parameters
  • Custom pickup items that help players in their runs
  • Automatic progress saves!

Why early access

Working on this project has been a labour of love for me. But with Counter-Strike 2 release around the corner, this mode is likely to be broken and unplayable, and it is unknown whether it will be possible to port it to the new engine(99% it’s not). That’s why I decided to give everyone a chance to try it out before the inevitable disaster.

List of some problems

  • Third boss is not ready yet
  • “Grounded Sky” location is incomplete. After completing Act #1 of “Grounded Skies”, player will be teleported back to reality, as it is the current end of the gamemode.
  • The map might restart the round once entering the first room with bots
  • The map might get stuck on location loading (mp_restartgame 1 required)
  • Unable to play on Linux for now Might work on Linux and Steam Deck, yet there are a lot of crashes while loading location
  • Various bugs here and there

Failed to find a dedicated server

This means that the map is not fully downloaded yet. You will have to wait (might take a while) or try changing the Download Region in the Steam Settings, then restart Steam. Sometimes this helps, sometimes not.

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