Dedicated server with fixed IP

You can order a dedicated server license if you have an Advanced or Custom NordLayer subscription. A dedicated server is useful if your team members need to have a fixed IP address that only they could access. Dedicated servers can also be used for allowlisting (whitelisting) IPs to access your remote resources and even setting up a site-to-site connection. We offer dedicated servers in these locations:

  • Australia (Sydney)
  • Austria (Vienna)
  • Belgium (Brussels)
  • Brazil (San Paulo)
  • Canada (Vancouver, Montreal)
  • Czech republic (Prague)
  • Denmark (Copenhagen)
  • Finland (Helsinki)
  • France (Paris)
  • Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Hungary (Budapest)
  • India (Mumbai)
  • Ireland (Dublin)
  • Italy (Milan)
  • Japan (Tokyo)
  • Lithuania (Vilnius)
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Norway (Oslo)
  • Poland (Warsaw)
  • Romania (Bucharest)
  • RSA (Johannesburg)
  • Singapore (Singapore)
  • South Korea (Seoul)
  • Spain (Madrid)
  • Sweden (Stockholm)
  • UK (London, Manchester)
  • US (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston)

Lastly, you can also enable additional features, which are only available for dedicated gateways.

In case your subscription or trial expires, you still have 7 days to renew it before you lose the ability to claim a dedicated server with the same IP address that you had previously.

Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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