Dedicated server related questions – Multiplayer & Networking


I’m asking these questions on behalf of my dev team (non-English speaking developers).

  1. Is there a dedicated server – load testing related project file or documentation in regards to load testing that we can refer to?
  2. What is the form/method of data storage for dedicated servers?
  3. How do we go about doing level streaming via dedicated servers?
  4. How many NPCs and players can a single dedicated server support? At the moment, after about 200 NPCs are deployed to the scene, the consumption of movement components increased very sharply.

Thanks for the quick response Bojann and sorry for the late reply!

Could you share with me the specific tutorials that you refer to?

Would be great if a fortnite dev is in to provide additional insights on this specific load testing topic

Just go to YouTube and type unreal engine dedicated server. I don’t have any specific one :slight_smile:

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