Valheim Plus mod broken after update? Here are workarounds

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Valheim recently received the v0.207.20 patch introducing bug fixes to some known issues, quality-of-life improvements, and gamepad support.

For instance, it addresses the issues where FPS gets capped at 60 when setting a limiter or option to reduce GPU usage and some dungeon parts are not fully deterministic.

The update also adds a new weapon Flesh Rippers (Fists) and new armor sets and crafting materials. However, some are unhappy as they are experiencing issues in using game mods.


Valheim Plus mod not working after update

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple players say that the Valheim Plus mod is no longer functional after the recent update.

Some claim that the game cannot even load and they keep on getting Unity errors at launch. Also, the update was compulsively pushed by the developers.

However, those using the mod are dismayed as the developers stopped working on the same a few months back. Due to this, the mod has compatibility issues with the latest game updates.

One of those affected says that the server-side mods no longer work on their dedicated server after the latest patch.

Another player claims that server hosting for Valheim and Valheim Plus servers on g-portal are now broken.


I have a problem. I get that after an update the mods arent working until they are updated aswell. But after some searching and learning that i can revert the patch via Steam it still doesnt work.Can somone help me?

I run a dedicated server and my server side mods are not working. Anyone else recently have their mods toggled off without making any changes?

Those affected are even experiencing difficulties in rolling back to the previous version of the game.

Potential workaround

Fortunately, we did come across a workaround that may help solve your problem. It is recommended that you install or update to the latest version of the BepInEx mod.


Also, it is worth mentioning that another developer has taken the responsibility of updating this mod for the latest versions of the game.

We do hope that players are able to utilize the mod like they earlier could.

Until then, we’ll keep tabs on the issue with the broken Valheim Plus mod after the recent patch and update this article accordingly.

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Featured image source: Valheim.

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