Top 5 Services for 2023

Big projects are very resource-demanding and as a business looking to make real progress, getting a great dedicated hosting provider to partner with aligns with that goal.

However, choosing the best partner for dedicated server hosting services is no easier than picking your company’s next big idea or investment. It needs to be carefully thought about and backed up with research.

To relieve you of such a complicated quest, we have decided to research for you instead. We have narrowed down a list of great dedicated hosting companies for you to choose your favorite.

5 Best Dedicated Server Providers for 2023

We have taken the time to review the best and most reputable hosting service providers, and these are the top choices that passed. They provide dedicated hosting in the best ways possible and will consistently give you servers with unmatched performance.

1. InMotion Hosting – Best Overall in 2023

InMotion Hosting is a very powerful company that offers the best dedicated hosting services. It uses industry-leading hardware for its server and still delivers affordable services.

InMotion Hosting is fast and reliable. This has earned them the trust of many businesses who own part of the success of their online ventures to InMotion’s services.

We took our time to review InMotion’s services and concluded they are indeed worthy of being the best provider of dedicated servers in the industry.

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Despite offering some of the best features for dedicated server hosting, InMotion packages are quite affordable.

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InMotion has about 7 fully managed dedicated server packages pre-configured with high-performance resources.

The first package, Aspire, costs around $89 per month for the initial subscription period. The server has a 4-core CPU with 16 GB and 1 TB SSD storage. It also allows at least 10 TB of bandwidth per month. This server configuration alone is very powerful to power your resource-demanding projects for years without wavering or caving in.

The Essential package costs around $139 per month, and the server is configured with double the resources in Aspire. It also comes with a better version of the Intel Xeon CPU.

CC-3000, the most powerful server on the list, costs about $740 per month. It comes with two 32-core processors, 512 GB RAM, and two 3.2 TB NVMe SSD storage disks arranged using RAID-1 tech.

InMotion is undoubtedly the best dedicated server providers that offer powerful plans for projects that need high performance.

Speed and Performance

InMotion uses some of the best approaches to great speed and performance for its dedicated server environment.

It uses the latest generations of Intel Xeon processors to power your server. This gives your server a great processing speed to handle your projects and deliver fast loading times for your web pages and applications.

Also, it uses NVMe SSD storage to store your files and databases. NVMe SSD storage is known for its great read/write speeds, and it increases the data transfer speed in and out of your server.

This storage disk is also arranged using the RAID-1 array technology, creating a redundant network of duplicated or mirrored copies of your files. Therefore, in case of a problem, there is no downtime or a need for lengthy attempts at data recovery. A duplicate disk will continue serving your files and databases.

Also, as a top provider of dedicated hosting, InMotion provides rebootless upgrades. That is, it automatically updates your core software and hardware without causing a noticeable downtime on your server. This keeps your projects up and running most of the time.

Furthermore, it monitors your servers 24/7 to ensure that it catches any abnormality or problem immediately after they start and fix them to maintain a high level of performance. In addition, it allows at least 10 TB bandwidth monthly, so your server can naturally handle very big projects. You can also get a powerful server with a higher bandwidth limit if your project requires it.

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InMotion uses smart routing technology to control traffic spikes to not cause downtime on your server. Furthermore, the company has multiple data centers in the United States, on the East and West Coasts. Therefore, you can choose the one closest to your main audience or company to enjoy the lowest latency possible.

Backup and Security

Another factor that makes us consider InMotion Hosting as the best dedicated server provider is its approach to backup and security.

The company provides an automated backup of all the files on your server regularly. This allows you to always have recent copies of your websites and applications that you can restore in case of data loss through errors or attacks.

It also provides an off-server backup of your files so that there is no data loss in case your server suffers from a complete failure with all of the files and backups.

Furthermore, it provides free SSL certificates to secure the data exchange between the users and your applications or website. This prevents attackers from intercepting any information. It will, in turn, boost your SEO performance since Google prefers SSL-secured sites or apps.

In addition, it provides Secure Shell (SSH) access to safely send instructions to your server and manage it remotely. With this connection, your server is not vulnerable to attack due to its high level of encryption. Moreover, it uses commercial-grade firewalls to secure your server from attacks. This filters all traffic coming to your server and blocks invalid traffic.

The provider also offers protection against DDoS attacks through Corero. This protection prevents attacks designed to wear out your server’s resources, making it vulnerable to further attacks.

Furthermore, as an eligible candidate for the best dedicated server provider, InMotion provides automated malware scans and removal. This free service allows the discovery and removal of all files, codes, etc, that can harm your server or that hackers can use as backdoors. Be aware that it provides dedicated IP addresses to prevent your business from being in the brunt of sanctions against possible illegal activities on shared IPs.

Easy Control and Management

Another aspect where InMotion excels as one of the best dedicated hosting providers in 2023 is control and management. If you choose a fully managed dedicated server package, InMotion automatically sets up your server and configures it for the highest performance.

It allows you to easily control and manage your server resources through the traditional cPanel. To make management easy for different projects on the same server, you may create separate cPanel accounts for each project so that specific teams in your organization can manage them. You can also create several SSH accounts to communicate with your server and manage the resources.

Your cPanel provides a Softaculous installer with a one-click installation process for many web applications. This allows you to easily install any of the 100+ web applications you intend to run your project on/with.

Great and Expert Customer Support

Great customer support is a factor that makes InMotion our favorite provider for dedicated hosting services.

Its support staff is filled with Linux experts with hands-on experience operating and managing servers for high performance and efficiency. Therefore, they are the best support you can get if you ever encounter an issue with your server.

InMotion offers customer support through phone calls, live chat, and a ticketing system. They are available 24/7 and respond quickly to support tickets or messages.

Aside from that, InMotion Knowledge Base is another support service that qualifies it as a top company for dedicated server hosting in 2023.

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Why We Recommend InMotion Dedicated Servers

The main reason we recommend InMotion as the best companies for dedicated server hosting is that it is highly scalable.

InMotion has a lot of servers with powerful processors, the latest RAM, and an NVMe SSD that can fit your business needs. Also, since it has a lot of server configurations, you can increase your resources easily as your business scales.

Furthermore, the UltraStack configuration creates the perfect hosting environment for resource-demanding projects. Therefore, your websites or applications will be very fast, and your SEO performance will soar. In addition, it will help your project operate at the highest performance possible.

Another reason we recommend InMotion as a top provider of dedicated hosting services is because it uses commercial-grade security. It protects your server and business against DDoS attacks, malware, service disruption… rendering it impenetrable.

2. A2 Hosting – Best for High-Performance Projects

A2 Hosting is one of the best providers that stand out when it comes to dedicated servers. The company is run by experts and visionaries who know what it takes to create the best hosting environment for resource-demanding projects.

We have tested and reviewed A2 Hosting services and discovered they are really good at the job. Kindly check our A2 Hosting tests and review for 2023 to see our results.

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A2 Hosting is our other favorite dedicated server provider for affordability without sacrificing performance, especially for initial subscriptions.

A2 Hosting Dedicated Server Pricing 2023
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It has 7 fully managed pre-configured packages. The first server, Warp 1, comes with a 4-core Intel processor, 16 GB RAM, 2×1 TB SSD storage, and 6 TB bandwidth. It costs around $160 per month.

The Warp 2 server costs about $190 per month. It has two variations of either AMD or Intel processor. The configuration consists of 32 GB RAM and 2×1 TB SSD storage. Warp 2 server also has a Turbo model, which uses a higher 64 GB RAM and NVMe SSD storage for Intel and AMD CPUs. They go for around $215 per month.

You can go for the Warp 3 server that uses AMD processors for the highest performance. It uses a better version of SSD storage, and the RAM is up to 128 GB for faster processing speed.

Speed and Performance

The main speed and performance technology A2 Hosting uses is LiteSpeed web server software. LiteSpeed is one of the most powerful software to use on servers designed to handle resource-demanding projects. It has a high performance and offers fast processing speeds while using minimal resources. LiteSpeed is responsible for most of the fastest websites on the internet today.

Furthermore, A2 Hosting uses the latest multi-core processors from AMD and Intel. These processors can handle up to 4.6 billion cycles of operations per second. Thus, they will give your websites fast loading speeds that will boost your SEO performance, increasing your revenue and traffic. The company uses fast NVMe SSD storage to host and store your websites and companies’ files. This makes the data or file transfer between your server and disk very quick. When combined with the processor’s power, it increases its performance more.

A2 also uses APC/OPcache to cache every application on your server that uses PHP as its programming language. They make PHP processing and execution up to 50% faster than normal. Therefore, your websites on CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc, load very fast.

Another caching that makes A2 Hosting one of the best dedicated hosting providers in 2023, especially for businesses with heavy databases, is its Memcached and Redis caching features. These technologies store the most requested and important databases available in your RAM.

Thus, processing them the next time your applications need them takes less time. This leads to an increase in loading and data retrieval speed for businesses that use databases heavily.

Furthermore, it gives at least 6 TB of monthly bandwidth and up to 15 TB. This allows you to accommodate a lot of traffic and host bandwidth-consuming content without worries.

A2 Hosting offers redundant power to present itself as an exceptional provider of top dedicated hosting services. This redundant power prevents your server from ever shutting down (causing downtime) due to power failure.

Since the company only has a data center in Michigan for the dedicated servers, it allows full compatibility with Cloudflare CDN. This will allow you to provide almost the same loading speed and low latency to visitors worldwide by serving the cached versions of your web pages through Cloudflare data centers.

Backup and Security

Another reason why we concluded that A2 Hosting is a top provider of dedicated servers is its top-level security.

It offers free automated backups to create several copies of your websites and other files on your server regularly. This allows you to easily restore the latest or preferred version if there is a problem during customization. It also helps to bounce back to normal after a cyber attack.

A2 also gives free SSL certificates on all its hosting plans. You can install these on your websites and applications to secure their connections with users. It encrypts their connection and prevents attackers from exploiting the information shared during the connection. It wins the users’ trust and improves your SEO performance since Google loves secure sites and applications.

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In addition, it provides Secure Shell (SSH) access to your server. SSH allows you to securely communicate with your server and give it instructions. You can also securely manage the resources through it. The main advantage of the connection is that hackers cannot sift through it.

A2 Hosting uses RAID-10 technology to mirror or duplicate your files on your storage disk. Therefore when there is a problem with your disk, you will not lose the data even if it affects your backup copies. The mirrored disk will automatically start serving the files, and you can restore the data from it to another disk or the repaired one later.

Moreover, A2 Hosting automatically upgrades your core software. This includes your operating system (OS), server software, PHP versions, and other important codes on your websites. This prevents hackers or attackers from gaining access to your server or websites through outdated software that could create backdoors.

In addition, it offers commercial-grade security by preventing DDoS attacks directed at your server. It also creates a multi-layered firewall that filters and eliminates bad traffic from reaching your server.

Additionally, the company provides protection against brute force attacks by limiting and locking your login page after a particular number of failed login attempts. It also offers 24/7 security monitoring, including virus scanning and searching for any vulnerability in the system. If there is a vulnerability, it patches your security system by fixing bugs or errors discovered.

It also gives you dedicated IP addresses for only your project to use. This prevents your IP from getting blacklisted since that could jeopardize your business.

Control and Management

A2 Hosting has one of the best and easiest to manage dedicated hosting services. It is fully managed, so you do not need to be an expert to set it up initially. A2 will set it up for you based on your preferences.

To manage your resources’ usage and other aspects of your server, the company provides cPanel. The traditional cPanel is an easy way to safely monitor your server and fully control it.

It also provides WebHost Manager (WHM), which allows you to manage the whole server and create several cPanel accounts for individual projects. With WHM, you can allocate part of your server’s resources to different cPanel accounts and the projects on them.

You will also have File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts which you can use to upload files securely to your file manager remotely. If you have built a website with WordPress, you will find a ToolKit with many relevant tools that will help you easily manage your WP projects.

Lastly, if you are a developer or your company uses Git, you can automatically deploy your projects from your Git Repository to the cPanel.

24/7 Customer Support

A2 Hosting has one of the best customer support systems in the dedicated server industry.

The support agents are quite conversant in server operations and have field experience that will make them serve you better. Suppose there is ever a problem with your server. In that case, A2 Hosting will escalate your complaints to Level 2 Engineers with a higher level of experience who will work tirelessly to bring your server back to full power.

You can contact A2 Hosting using phone calls, live chat, and helpdesk ticket channels. They are available 24/7 and ready to give customers 100% satisfaction.

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Why We Recommend A2 Hosting

The main reason behind our recommendation of A2 as one of the best in the industry for dedicated hosting is because of its performance.

A2 Hosting put together the LiteSpeed server software with the best and latest generations of processors from AMD and Intel to create an ideal dedicated server. This combination will give your business or projects the best performance possible.

Another reason we recommend the company is because it uses commercial-grade security features. With this, your server will easily ward off all sorts of attacks directed at it. Furthermore, if you ever have a problem with your server, experts at A2 Hosting will help you fix the issues swiftly.

3. DreamHost – Best for Medium Projects

DreamHost is a very reliable choice for dedicated hosting services. It has been in the business for more than 2 decades and has a lot of in-house experts.

It also has strong recommendations from customers and credible organizations in the industry, including Aside from that, we have tested and reviewed DreamHost services rigorously before including them on this list.

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DreamHost is one of the top dedicated hosting providers with fair pricing and packages.

DreamHost Dedicated Hosting Plans
© DreamHost

It has two main packages, Standard and Enhanced, on its Ubuntu servers which are spread into about 9 configurations.

The Standard package starts at $150 per month for the 4 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD configuration. This package has 2 other variations with 8 and 16 GB RAM and for higher monthly prices, $190 and $230, respectively. However, they all run on a 4-core Intel processor.

On the other hand, the Enhanced packages are more powerful. The server comes with a 12-core CPU which means higher processing power. It also has higher RAM configurations of 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB for HDD and SSD versions. However, while the HDD storage is 2 TB, the SSD is 240 GB. Still, they cost the same.

The lowest configuration (16 GB RAM) for the Enhanced package costs around $280 per month, while the 64 GB goes for about $380 per month.

Speed and Performance

DreamHost is one of the best providers of dedicated servers when it comes to speed and performance.

It uses the latest Intel Xeon processors on its servers to give you the fastest processing speed possible. This lets your websites have very fast loading speeds and work at high-performance levels. The company uses fast SSD storage to store your files and databases. This quickly speeds up the data transfer between your storage drives and server. It will also lead to faster loading speeds for your sites and improved SEO performance.

In addition, DreamHost uses OPCache technology which caches the most important and frequently used PHP codes on your websites or applications. As a result, your PHP processing speed increases, and handling several requests takes a shorter time.

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Moreover, DreamHost stores your MySQL databases locally on your server. This makes the processing of database queries pretty fast since there is no need for external or threaded connections. It is very helpful if your company is database-driven.

A very important performance feature that makes DreamHost a good dedicated hosting provider is that the bandwidth usage on the server is not capped. As a result, your server can accommodate a limitless number of visitors and traffic without fear of overage costs, even on the lowest package.

Furthermore, DreamHost constantly and regularly monitors your server. Thus, it quickly catches any issue with your server and fixes it as soon as possible. It also uses redundant power to keep your server going so that you do not experience downtime when the regular source fails. It could be through UPS, Diesel generators, etc.

Backup and Security

Another reason DreamHost is on our list of top companies providing dedicated hosting in 2023 is its backup and security approach.

DreamHost uses RAID-1 technology in your SSD storage. This allows your main drive to be mirrored or duplicated. As a result, when your storage drives fail, your data is still safe in the mirrored disks. You can then restore them to a new healthy drive afterward.

In addition, you can manually back up your files and databases in your control panel to easily restore a version you want anytime. This will prevent a total loss in the progress of your projects if a recent update or attack messes things up on the website or application.

Moreover, DreamHost protects your server against DDoS attacks around the clock. It helps to prevent downtime or vulnerability issues that the success of a DDoS attack can cause to your projects. Furthermore, it provides Secure Shell (SSH) access to securely connect with the server and manage it. You will also get dedicated IP addresses to prevent the blacklisting of your websites or projects unless you misuse them.

Intuitive Control and Management

DreamHost is one of the dedicated server providers that make management and control pretty straightforward.

It provides a custom control panel that is very beginner-friendly and allows you to fully control your server as you want it. You can manage your websites, databases, server resources, email addresses, analytics, with clicks using the control panel.

You will be able to connect your server and manage the resources using SSH access. With this, you can reboot your server so that it cools that for a minute and starts working back at full power. Also, you can create multiple FTP accounts, which you can use to upload and manage files in your file manager.

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24/7 Expert Customer Support

Another reason why we recommend DreamHost for anyone seeking a great provider in the dedicated server industry in 2023 is that its support agents are professional and available 24/7.

You can contact DreamHost support using the live chat feature or send them an email stating your complaint vividly at any time. The response time is bearable and never passes 45 mins.

Alternatively, if you wish to get your hands dirty, you may use the Dreambot, which asks you questions about your issues and provides working solutions to them.

At the same time, DreamHost has a rich Knowledge Base with tutorials and educational articles on dedicated servers and hosting. You could learn one or two useful stuff from it.

Why We Recommend DreamHost Dedicated Hosting

The most important reason we recommend DreamHost as a top provider of dedicated servers is because of its custom control panel.

It contains only the tools needed to effectively manage your server, so you do not get lost in the sea of unnecessary options.

Also, it is highly flexible as you can decide between HDD and SSD storage. Although, we highly recommend SSD over HDD anytime for the best performance.

4. Bluehost – Best for Cheap Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost is another good dedicated hosting company in 2023 with an impressive track record. It is quite popular for its pioneering industry services and never fails to deliver quality.

We have tested and reviewed Bluehost services and included a few reasons to choose them. Check out our Bluehost review for more details.

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One of the main reasons we included Bluehost in our list of top dedicated hosting providers is that it offers cheap/affordable services.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Plans
© Bluehost

Bluehost has only 3 configurations on its Linux servers. It uses 4-core processors on all servers.

Standard, the first package, goes for about $80 per month with 4 GB RAM and 2×500 GB SSD storage. This server allows up to 5 TB of bandwidth, which is great for websites with medium traffic.

The next server, Enhanced, costs about $100 per month. The resources on this server are double of Standard, and the same goes for its overall performance.

The Premium package costs around $120 per month. This server has 16 GB RAM and 2×1 TB SSD storage. The bandwidth limit for the server is 15 TB, and you can create up to 50 cPanel accounts.

Speed and Performance

Bluehost is among the best companies providing dedicated servers in 2023 because they have a good approach toward speed and performance.

It uses the latest generation processors with 4 cores to power your server. These CPUs can process between 2.3 to 3.3 billion cycles per second. Meaning that your websites will load very fast and operate at a very high-performance level.

Bluehost also uses SSD storage to store your files, giving your drives fast read/write speeds. It makes the communication between your drive and the server very quick so that your website or application loading speed is lightning fast.

In addition, the SSD storage is configured using RAID-1 technology. Therefore, if your main disk ever fails, several disks can immediately continue serving your files without downtime or performance issues.

Additionally, Bluehost offers at least 5 TB of bandwidth and up to 15 TB for the highest configuration. This allows you to accommodate a great amount of traffic to your websites and applications monthly.

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Backup and Security

What about security and backup? Bluehost offers free SSL certificates to safely secure the data exchange between your server and the users. It will help in your SEO performance and increase your traffic retention level.

In addition, you can manually create several backup copies of your files and databases using the cPanel. Also, there is a quick restore button to publish your preferred backup copy if an error messes up your customization or configurations.

Furthermore, you will get free dedicated IPs to protect your sites from being blacklisted on the internet. This is very common and can adversely affect your business if you are using a shared IP. Finally, you will get Secure Shell (SSH) access to safely connect with your server and manage the resources without the fear of the connection being exploited by attackers.

Control and Management

Another reason why Bluehost is in our list of the best dedicated hosting providers in 2023 is because it is very easy to manage. For the initial setup, Bluehost solely takes care of it for you. However, you will find the tools to do that for subsequent management.

You will get full root access to your server. This means you can customize and control just anything on your server. You can allocate resources to different projects, applications, or websites. You can make some special configurations and you will be able to track resource usage.

In addition, you can create several cPanel accounts, which you can use to manage individual projects such as websites and applications. These cPanel accounts can have their specific resources, such as SSD storage and bandwidth, allocated.

You can also create many File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts using the cPanel. You can then use these FTP accounts to upload, delete, and rename file names in your file manager remotely. It is very convenient and secure.

Expert Customer Support

An approach by Bluehost that makes it one of the best companies for dedicated hosting in 2023 is that it has in-house experts as support agents.

These agents are competent in all issues related to dedicated servers and can actively fix issues no matter how they come or seem. They are always on-site and on-call to fix issues immediately as they come.

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You can contact the support through phone calls, live chat, and emails 24/7. They are very responsive, so you do not have to wait hours or days to get help.

Alternatively, you can use Bluehost Knowledge Base to learn more about dedicated hosting. It has many articles and tutorials on the topics which are educational and easy to follow for beginners and experts.

Why We Recommend Bluehost Dedicated Servers

The major reason we recommend Bluehost as a great choice for dedicated hosting services is that it is very affordable. Its packages are designed for low-budget builders trying to scale their business, and the introductory price is quite competitive.

Another reason we recommend Bluehost as a good dedicated server provider is because you have absolute power over your server. Plus, you have all the tools you need to manage the server correctly and efficiently.

Furthermore, it uses powerful quad-core processors on the servers. Thus, despite the affordability, you will still experience high performance and speed on your projects. This will, in turn, help your business grow faster.

5. PlanetHoster – Best for Flexibility & Scalability

PlanetHoster is another good choice for dedicated hosting. This provider is quite popular in Canada and many European countries and has been delivering quality services for over a decade. This is the favorite choice of many people.

As always, we have taken the time to check out PlanetHoster’s services and mode of operation, and we can assure you that they are great to work with.

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Pricing & Scalability

One factor that makes PlanetHoster one of the best in the dedicated hosting industry is pricing flexibility.

PlanetHoster HybridCloud
© PlanetHoster

Even though PlanetHoster has 3 pre-configured packages or servers, it is very flexible and offers a high level of scalability. The packages are Starter, Recommended, and Powerful.

The Starter server costs around $61 per month and has the lowest configuration of 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, and 60 GB SSD. At the same, Recommended goes for about $103 per month with a 4-core CPU, 8 GB RAM, and 90 GB SSD space.

The Powerful server configuration lives up to its name with a 24-core CPU, 16 GB RAM, and 120 GB disk. This server goes for only $270 per month. It is indeed the most affordable 24-core server we have on the list!

Thus, it is insanely affordable, aside from being a top dedicated hosting provider for flexibility and scalability.

Speed and Performance

PlanetHoster is undoubtedly one of the best dedicated server providers for speed and performance.

It uses Apache servers out of the box but allows you to choose LiteSpeed servers as an option. Since LiteSpeed servers offer almost 6 times faster than Apache, we recommend the former for better performance.

When using the LiteSpeed servers, you will get LiteSpeed Cache on the server level. This stores every commonly used asset in your server to be stored in the RAM so that they are readily available the next time they are requested. This leads to faster processing time, and your website loading speed greatly improves.

Additionally, you can allocate resources to each site, application, or domain on your server. When you do this, the resource usage of a particular project does not affect the other, and you can easily make plans for more resources. It eliminates poor performance and allows you to monitor which project may be using up too many resources unnecessarily.

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Furthermore, it uses optimized PHP, MySQL, and MariaDB in your server. This allows for the fast loading speed of your web pages, especially for websites and applications mainly coded in PHP.

If your website is heavy on MySQL or MariaDB database usage, the processing speed of the queries is greatly increased. It leads to a better user experience on sites like online stores that essentially use databases.

Moreover, it allows you to drive unlimited traffic to your websites, and your bandwidth is not capped either. This means your traffic can grow at any rate without having to worry about paying overage costs for additional bandwidth usage.

Additionally, if your configuration is less than or equal to 12 cores, PlanetHoster uses AutoPeakPower (APP) to automatically increase your resources 2.5 times if the activities cannot be handled by your server.

Another reason PlanetHoster is among the best dedicated server providers is that it has multiple data centers. These data centers are in Canada and France. Thus, you can choose the one closest to your targeted audience.

Backup and Security

Outstanding backup and security are other reasons we consider PlanetHoster a good dedicated hosting provider in the industry.

It offers free dedicated SSL certificates to all the domains on your server or hosting account. This allows you to safely encrypt every data and information exchange between the users and your server. It will, in turn, make users feel free to share their details with your applications and websites. Thus, your traffic retention will be high, and your SEO performance will improve greatly.

In addition, you will get free automated backups of all the files on your server. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing your files and configurations during an attack or customization error. You may also create manual backup copies using the cPanel for more real-time copy, especially when actively deploying a new change after a recent successful update outside the automated backup window.

Moreover, PlanetHoster has intelligent firewalls installed on your server. These firewalls ward off illegitimate traffic by taking it through multiple multi-layered security checks. If it is deemed invalid traffic, it blocks it, so it does not waste your server’s resources.

Another security approach that makes PlanetHoster one of our favorite companies for dedicated hosting in 2023 is its anti-malware system. This system scans everything on your server or tries to enter your server for malware and eliminates them accordingly. It also runs a daily check on the server for vulnerabilities caused by human error or bugs and fixes them.

PlanetHoster also provides protection against DDoS attacks through Arbor. This software recognizes these sorts of attacks and prevents them from affecting your server so that there is no downtime and the server is not vulnerable.

Control and Management

Easy control and management are two other strengths of PlanetHoster. It provides a major control panel or dashboard which you can use to manage your hosting accounts and server at a glance. This dashboard is very intuitive and easy to navigate. It makes managing many individual projects seem so easy.

Also, for individual projects or domains, you can create additional cPanel accounts and allocate resources for the websites. You can then manage them separately from other projects.

You can use the cPanel to install web applications like WordPress, Drupal, etc., and frameworks like Ruby on Rails (RoR), Node.js, etc. PlanetHoster supports a majority of these relevant tools.

Furthermore, you can create many FTP accounts for your team members. This will allow them to be able to manage your files and file manager remotely and securely.

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24/7 Customer Support

PlanetHoster has one of the best customer support systems in the dedicated hosting industry.

Its support is filled with competent agents who are experts in the field with hands-on experience tuning and managing servers. Therefore, they are very proactive and ready to quickly remedy any issues you may have with the server.

With this manner of support, they are also able to catch on to server issues before it even affects your business. The support channel is through emails, live chat, and phone calls. They are always available, especially through email, and respond swiftly to queries.

However, we recommend the live chat or the phone call channel for the best real-time support. Use the channel that accommodates or allows you to effectively communicate your issues.

Why We Recommend PlanetHoster Dedicated Servers

Flexibility and scalability are the reasons why we recommend PlanetHoster to those looking for a dedicated server in 2023.

PlanetHoster allows you to choose the number of units you want for each resource that makes up your server. So you do not have to pay for what you do not need. Also, when your business grows, and you only need an increase in one resource, you can easily do that yourself. This is a lot better than pre-configured servers.

Another reason we recommend PlanetHoster as a top dedicated hosting company is because it uses advanced and optimized technology to ascertain and deliver great server performance. Your projects will reach their potential on these servers.

In addition, the AutoPeakPower (APP) feature makes it impossible for your server to ever crash or experience downtime during traffic spikes.

Why is Dedicated Server Hosting the Best?

Dedicated server hosting is the best mainly because of the dedicated resources. Think of shared web hosting, for example, where many users share a server. The resources like RAM, CPU cores, and storage are shared among these users.

However, the resource usage of each user differs, but they use the power they need from the same server. When a particular user or multiple users experience a traffic surge, it affects the server, and all the users feel the effect. If the server happens to crash as a result of this, your business will suffer a blow as well.

Another thing is that on heavily-controlled servers which try to protect each user by limiting the number of resources each tenant can use, your business will not be able to expand or handle occasional traffic surges. It crashes or experiences very low performance instead.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting gives you the best performance because you will have the resources of a server to yourself. This also includes customizing the server with the right resources to power your projects to the highest performance level possible.

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Is VPS Better than a Dedicated Server?

Yes, a dedicated server is better than a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The main reason is that while a dedicated server is a physical device owned and used by only one organization, VPS is an invisible server that is a compartment of a physical that many users share. As a result, a dedicated server’s loading speed, performance, and security are better.

Another reason is that you cannot choose the server or device from which the host will virtually create your VPS. On the other hand, you can choose which physical device your dedicated server should use.

All this being said, VPS and dedicated servers meet different needs. The answer to this question will depend on your expectations, but also on your budget.

Conclusion: Which Dedicated Hosting is the Best?

InMotion Hosting is the best all-around dedicated hosting provider in 2023. It combines great performance technologies with powerful servers and affordability. You will no doubt get the best performance for your projects if you use their dedicated hosting services.

A2 Hosting is also a great choice for dedicated server, especially when looking for servers that have been pre-configured for huge resource-demanding projects. It will effortlessly deliver high performance, such as insanely fast loading speed for your websites, leading to improved traffic, revenue, SEO success and 99.99 to 100% uptime.

DreamHost, on the other hand, is great for medium projects that need high performance with its 12-core processors that will deliver lightning-fast loading speeds for your websites and applications. However, you will need a sizable budget for the powerful servers. At the same time, Bluehost is a lot cheaper, but it can only handle very small projects. However, for these small projects, it still delivers very high performance with its resources.

This being said, with all the information given in our comparison, there is no doubt that you will be able to make the most judicious choice according to your needs.

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