Sons of the Forest Developers Comment On Dedicated Servers Feature Request

Could we soon see a dedicated server feature in the game?

Sons of the Forest was released into the marketplace recently, and it was a rather successful launch. But it’s not the entire game. Instead, the developers released the title initially into the marketplace through early access. Since the game is only available on PC through early access, some of the final details and features that will be incorporated have yet to make their way into the game. However, that doesn’t mean that the studio is not actively working on some of the highly requested features that players have started to chime in about since the game launched.

One of the features that players might be hopeful of receiving in the future for the game is a dedicated server option. Several games have allowed players to incorporate a dedicated server. This eliminates the host being a player and allows the players to connect o a server. There are also options for players to configure the server and even customize some of the game rules. Of course, we don’t know what will be allowed with Sons of the Forest if the game receives a dedicated server. Although, it does look like a feature that the development team is actively looking into.

In a Q&A session, there was a question brought up about dedicated servers. According to the developer, this is something they are looking into, but it’s just in the background right now. As a result, they don’t have any release date for when this feature will be incorporated into Sons of the Forest. Of course, there’s a chance that we might not see this game released into the marketplace. But at the very least, it looks like the studio is trying to bring this feature into the game.

Again, with Sons of the Forest being in early access, there is bound to be plenty of features and content planned for the game. Some of these planned pieces of content might have already been in the works before player feedback. So we’ll just have to continue monitoring the game to see what content is eventually added. For now, those of you who want to try your hand a surviving within an island inhabitant by mutated cannibals can do so right now on the PC platform. Otherwise, you can check out our Before You Buy video coverage of the game in the video we have embedded above.

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