Sons of the Forest – Dedicated Server Hosting Guide

With Sons of the Forest rising massively in popularity, everyone wants to play with their friends in multiplayer. As the original game, The Forest, had the option to start a dedicated server, players are wondering if the sequel has the same option. We made this guide to tell you if a dedicated servers are available in Sons of the Forest.

Can you host a dedicated server in Sons of the Forest?

For the time being, you cannot host a dedicated server in Sons of the Forest. A tool in Steam hasn’t been provided by the developers as of the time of writing this. This tool is expected to come with future updates, so keep your attention on the new updates they release. Starting a dedicated server in The Forest was hassle-free, so when the tool comes it will likely be user-friendly.

To start a dedicated server you will need to:

  • Open your library in Steam.
  • Open the drop-down menu under Home.
    • It should be labeled as Games by default.
  • Check the box named Tools.
  • Type Sons of the Forest in the search bar.
  • You should see Sons of the Forest Dedicated Server.

Keep checking this so you can see if the tool has been released.

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Can you host a server in Sons of the Forest?

Even though a dedicated host server isn’t available for now, you can still play with your friends by hosting a regular multiplayer server. The server will be active only if you start it and the game is open. In contrast, Tthe advantage of a dedicated server is that it can be open 24/7.

To start a normal host server you will need to:

  • Choose Host in the multiplayer tab.
    • Choose a new game or continue.
    • Choose the difficulty.
  • Set up the server.
    • Enter the name you desire.
    • The player count.
    • And Friends only on or off.
  • Invite your friends and start the game.

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