Onlive Server Presents Best Secured Windows Cloud Turkish Dedicated Server Hosting in 2023

Onlive Server is a leading dedicated server provider in Turkey who have been operating for many years. Onlive Server provides the most reliable and secure dedicated server solutions for your website.

(Isstories Editorial):- Izmir, Turkey Apr 20, 2023 ( – Introducing Turkey Dedicated Server

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This server is dedicated to one client. This means that your personal data and website will be under the control of the host only, which gives you more freedom than shared hosting. You also get access to fast hardware and all our tools at no extra cost. Turkey Dedicated Server ensures better performance, reliability, security, and scalability than any other service provider in the market today!

We offer a dedicated server with different specifications, depending on your requirements. We also provide you with a free cPanel license and free migration support to help you set up your server quickly. You can choose from Linux or Windows operating systems and configure the server as per your needs. You can be managed by one person or even a team of experts 24×7. Turkey Dedicated Server is affordable price and also reliable services with high-speed bandwidths.

Beneficial points of our Dedicated Server

We have the most advanced and reliable Dedicated Servers in the industry, with 24/7 support. Managed Dedicated Server is perfect for any online business that requires speedy processing of data and large amounts of storage space. Our powerful hardware is able to handle an incredible amount of traffic at once, ensuring your website runs smoothly even during peak usage periods–and it never slows down! It comes equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors, so you can rest assured knowing that no matter how much traffic comes through your website, there won’t be any downtime or slowdowns due to system overloads.

Our server is housed in a state-of-the-art facility with redundant power and cooling systems, ensuring that your website is always up and running. We provide you with the ability to monitor your server from anywhere, ensuring that if there are any issues or problems with your site, we can fix them as soon as possible.

Affordable Price

We offer a variety of packages and prices based on your requirements. Turkey Dedicated Server is affordable, which means that you can get unparalleled security and reliability with our service without having to spend too much money.

We understand that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to data centers, so we have developed several different plans for every budget: from small businesses looking for a reliable web hosting solution at an affordable price point up to large enterprises with very high demands on their servers.

Our services include: -Managed and unmanaged hosting, domain registration, and SSL certificates -Highly secure data centers with redundant power supplies and cooling systems -Fast SSD storage space with up to 200GB of bandwidth per month

Reliable Server Solutions

Our reliable server solutions are designed to meet the needs of both small and large businesses. We offer a wide range of dedicated servers, including high-performance and low-latency hardware. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any issue that may arise during your hosting experience with us.

Our 24/7 support team can be reached via our live chat system or by phone at any time. We offer a variety of billing options that allow you to select the plan that best fits your business needs. With our flexible payment plans, you can choose from monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly billing periods.

Choose a Dedicated Server over another Server

Choosing a Dedicated Server over other server solutions is the best way to ensure that your website will always be available, regardless of what happens. A Turkey Dedicated Server has the most reliable connection and bandwidth, which means it will perform better than any other type of hosting solution. If you have an unreliable internet connection or need more power than your shared hosting plan can provide then choosing a dedicated server may be just what you need to increase the performance of your site.

A dedicated Server is also more secure than a shared one because they’re not connected to multiple clients at once. This means there’s no risk of someone else accessing or hacking into your files while they’re being stored on the system itself (which would happen if someone had access through their own account). Your data remains protected even when other users log into their accounts at different times during business hours; therefore these servers are ideal for businesses who want complete control over how information gets stored online without having any security risks whatsoever!

We offer the most reliable dedicated server service for your website.

We offer the most reliable dedicated server service for your website. We are a dedicated server provider and offer reliable server solutions that are guaranteed to provide you with maximum security and reliability. In addition, we offer flexible options to meet your needs, including dedicated WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud computing services.

With over a decade of experience providing dedicated server hosting solutions, our team of experts is here to help you find the right solution to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of dedicated servers with various applications and operating systems, including Windows Server.

Our Cheap Turkey Dedicated Server is designed to be highly reliable and secure and offers a variety of features, including – 24/7 monitoring – Full root access – Free setup, transfer, and management setup – Free cPanel license


As we’ve seen, there are a variety of benefits to using Cheap Dedicated Server. It’s a great way to get reliable server performance and security with little to no maintenance required. If you need assistance choosing the right one for your business or organization, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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