Multiplayer in Mordhau – How To Play With Friends

Multiplayer games like Mordhau are fun with friends, but most games have specific requirements for playing with friends. Luckily, in the case of Mordhau, it’s easy to play with friends and find a server. 

How to play Mordhau Multiplayer with Friends (Steam and Epic Games)

Playing Mordhau multiplayer or CO-OP is simple if you are playing on Steam or Epic Games. The first step is to invite your friends to your game or party. You can invite your friends by using the in-game party invite function or by right-clicking on their names in your friend list and selecting Invite To Game. To invite a friend to your party using the party invite system, press the plus sign on the left side of your screen. Doing so will make a drop-down list of all your Steam or Epic Games friends appear. Use this list to invite your friends and wait for them to join your party.

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When your friend joins your party, you can play with your friend by selecting the Fight option at the top of your screen. Selecting Fight at the top of your screen makes several options appear in-game. The first is called Quickplay, and choosing it will present the following game modes:

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  • Invasion and Front Lines – This game mode is the standard mode that pits players either in battles where the goal is to take territory or unique invasions where they must complete several objectives.
  • Horde PVE – This game mode pits players against an unending horde of AI bots and allows users to buy gear or salvage it in-game.
  • Brawl – This game mode is free for all consisting of death matches or skirmish battles. 

Besides the Quickplay modes, you can also play Ranked, which pits you in either 1v1 matches in Mordhau or 3v3 if you are in a party. Another option for playing with friends is to use the server browser to join a Mordhau server directly. 

Can you play Mordhau on a private server?

If you wonder if playing Mordhau on a private server is possible, the answer is yes. You can not play Mordhau on a private server using in-game options, but you can rent a server and make it private or host your own using the SteamCMD dedicated server tool.

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