How to set up your own Project Zomboid server

You can also host servers on your own PC. However, this may cause difficulties as you cannot easily adjust the server capacity to an increased number of players. You would have to upgrade the hardware of your entire PC to achieve this. The operating costs should also not be underestimated. Therefore, it is worthwhile to rely on a professional provider such as IONOS.

Different server variants are available for rent:

  • Dedicated Server: Hardware 100% for your use
  • vServer (Virtual Private Server): Access to virtualized server environments
  • Cloud Server: Access to virtualized server environments, customization on demand

You are allocated 100 percent of the available hardware resources with dedicated servers. However, this powerful performance comes at a price, but you only pay for the server power used thanks to minute-by-minute billing.

The VPS Server and Cloud Server are alternative virtualized server solutions, which allow you to share hardware resources with other users. The Cloud Server is billed by the minute and is scalable at any time, while the VPS server has a fixed monthly price.

A Cloud Server is a suitable choice for a Project Zomboid server. The power is sufficient to host the game and you can adjust the performance if more players want to join your server. The vServer is also a good alternative as the monthly fixed price means you can play as much as you want without higher costs.

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