How to Play With Friends in Mordhau


Squad up!

Fans of the medieval genre will have had their interest piqued by Mordhau, a multiplayer game with a strong emphasis on skill-based swordplay set in old Europe. Its fast-paced combat has players engage in intense duals, siege warfare, and cavalry charges. Here’s how to play with friends in Mordhau if you’re wanting to team up with some buddies.

Here’s How To Play With Friends in Mordhau

Joining a Mordhau server with your friends is fairly straightforward.

If you’re wanting to play a horde game co-operatively, from your friends list, you can add a friend directly to your party and then enter the queue for a horde game together.

For other game modes, once you’ve selected your character and gear, head over to the “Fight” section of the main menu and choose a server. Your friends will be able to see which server you’ve joined if they’re on your friends list and they can join the same server.

Otherwise, you can DM them the server you’re playing on and meet up in-game.

Can You With Friends in a Private Mordhau Server?

Unfortunately, the simple answer here is no. There’s currently no way to play with your friends privately outside of setting up a dedicated server and then password protecting it. If you’re game enough to go through that process, there’s a very detailed thread on the official Mordhau forum that explains how to set up a dedicated server.

But as for setting up a local game, or even just hosting a game for you and your friends to play a game of horde together online, there’s no easy option –except joining an empty server and just hoping nobody else intrudes.

That’s all the information we have about how to play with friends in Mordhau. Be sure to check out the related Mordhau guides down below!

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