Are you able to rent a dedicated server for Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest is now out for early access on PC, and fans of the prequel, The Forest, are having a great time trying out all the features that the latest survival-horror game has to offer.

Endnight Games’ latest survival-horror game has introduced new elements while retaining many beloved features from its predecessor. The map is also four times larger, with new survival mechanics that players discover as they make their way through the narrative of the game.

Hey Everyone,Thanks to those who have joined us in our Early Access journey into ‘Sons Of The Forest’ We have sold over 2 million copies in the first 24 hours, and are very excited for what we have in store for players in the coming weeks.the team endnight

Sons of the Forest has introduced exciting multiplayer and co-op features that offer a novel take on survival in the game. Players can now team up with their friends to explore and conquer the treacherous wilderness together.

However, many members of the community are eager to know whether they will have the option to rent an online server for the game, as this was a popular feature in the prequel. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the ability to rent dedicated servers is not yet available for Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest is yet to have dedicated servers up for rent


For fans who were eagerly anticipating the dedicated server feature in Endnight Games’ latest title, the lack of this option is undoubtedly disappointing. In The Forest, dedicated servers were added later in the early access period and proved to be a critical factor in the game’s success.

Sons of the Forest has not implemented dedicated servers yet, and Endnight Games is yet to reveal any concrete plans for their inclusion. Without dedicated servers for the title, players will not have the option to rent them and boot up the game with their friends.

While there are no dedicated servers in the game at the moment, many in the community feel that this is a feature that will be implemented in the survival horror game very soon. Much of the speculation stems from how The Forest got the feature, but that was much later on in the early access period.


Hence, it’s highly likely that Sons of the Forest will receive a similar treatment and have websites with a list of dedicated servers for players to rent.

Endnight Game’s latest title is currently available on early access for PC only, and the developers are yet to provide any conclusive details regarding a console port in the near future.

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