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Feb 19 @ 2:42am

Again someone ruined dedicated server

Second time i am playing on a dedicated server with people that are playing for almost a year,. And it happens that we discover all of the boss heads are hanging…… And nobody knows who did it.

This time luckely most players are already end game so the problem is not impossible to handle. But still this is the second server i see this happening on.

Why is there no player Log? To check who does such things without asking or letting know ……. DEVS!? These Trolls are destroying your game!!!!

People are LEAVING Valheim because of this only small solution; put a player Log access for the server host…… So people dont have to be left with disappointment.
If the server host can see who did it, he can ban this person and revert the world from a backup.
And people can feel confident that the things they are working for months on is still being safe to continue.

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Feb 19 @ 2:45am
Originally posted by Kzar:

-devcommands and then -resetkeys typed BY THE SERVER OWNER should do the trick.

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