14 Starbound Server Hosting to Unleash Your Interstellar Imagination

You can embark on an interstellar journey with your friends using the Starbound Server Hosting services. Why explore the universe alone when you do it with your friends and make it even more enjoyable?

Starbound isn’t just a 2D game like any other. It is an entire experience that takes you around a randomly generated universe with its own number of planets, creatures, and so much more you can explore. This game allows you to explore, craft, and even use your combat skills to fight evil in space.

Whether you are new to this game or a professional who has already uncovered the secrets of the universe, there is still a lot more. Now, before you can jump over in choosing the right server hosting for you and your friends, make sure to go through the series of requirements you will need to set up the server, its benefits, and the necessary features.

Using a dedicated server will give you the entire control to play seamlessly and add as many friends and even create a community. So, we tried some of the best server hosting on the internet and created a list that might be perfect for you.

So, buckle up and get ready with your exploration hats; we are about to enter the zone of Starbound Server hosting and explore.

Benefits of using Starbound hosting server

Hold On! Before we can jump directly to the list of servers, you need to read this. You might still be having your doubts as to why you even need to go through this hassle of creating a server.

Not only can you enjoy this game with your friends, but you have full control over the game settings. Here are a few benefits of using a hosting server.

Customization and Control

One of the major benefits of using Starbound server hosting is the ability to customize and take full control of your gaming experience. You can change the settings, add players, choose specific configurations, and do much more without any interruption.

Multiplayer Experience

Another brilliant benefit that we have often spoken about is that you can enjoy gaming with your friends. With the use of a dedicated server, you can ensure that the gaming experience is more exclusive for your friends or even choose to create a closed community, whichever works best for you.

Smooth Gaming Experience

Instead of using shared servers or public servers, you can opt to go with dedicated server hosting. We, too, have tried both options, and there is no doubt in admitting that having a dedicated server offers a smoother gaming experience with reduced lags, faster loading time, and stability.

Minimum requirements for Starbound server hosting

Next, you need to know more about the minimum requirements to set up stable server hosting. We have created a list of the minimum and recommended server hosting requirements below. 

Specification Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Processor Dual-core, 2.0 GHz Quad-core, 3.0 GHz or higher
RAM 2GB 4GB or higher
Storage 4GB 8GB or more (SSD)
Operating System Windows, Linus, macOS Windows, Linus, macOS (Upgraded)
Network 5Mbps Upload Speed 10Mbps upload Speed or higher

The above-mentioned requirements can change based on the number of players you are looking to add to your server. You will need more multi-threads and cores for a smooth gaming experience if you are looking to add more players to your server. The same can be said for adding more RAM to prevent any lags whatsoever.

Let’s now look at the best Starbound Server Hosting Options.


The Nodecraft server hosting is one of the best to give you the best Starbound gaming experience ever. One of the major advantages of using Nodecraft is its exceptional user interface that allows you to navigate through all its features and settings with zero hassle.


You can get the subscription for free to start with, and if you are satisfied with its performance, you can switch to the paid server. This hosting uses the NodePanel that allows you to set up the server within seconds. Other than this, you can create modded servers, install plugins, and play around with different configurations directly from your smartphones.

Nodecraft has set up locations all around the world, ensuring low latency and zero lags. With accurate cloud backups, you can create the exact copy of your files and settings. Using this, you can test new configurations on older backups without changing the settings of the new setup.

Furthermore, the pricing starts At $9.98 per month, which is a pretty decent amount to get started.


  • Servers with DDoS Protection
  • Free Trial Available
  • Keep checking with Real-time Stats
  • One-click Installer for modpacks
  • Server in South America

It’s available on


HostHavoc is the most trustworthy and reliable game server hosting provider on the internet. The fact that it offers 72 hours money-back guarantee speaks for itself and its performance. This server is known for its affordability and exceptional customer support.


There are over 11 global data centers for HostHavoc that maintains high network availability. You can expect a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, ensuring consistent performance and minimal downtime throughout your gaming sessions. Speaking of a user interface, this hosting service provider works on TCAdmin v2 control panel that is easy to use, even for beginners.

If you face any issue while setting up the server or if you find any downtime, customer service is available 24×7 around the globe to fix such issues. Moreover, with the help of DDoS protection, all your data and server are protected from any malicious attack that can result in performance issues.


  • Easy to install mods and plugins
  • Offers 2-Step Authentication
  • Brilliant Customer support
  • 72 Hour Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant setup available
  • 11 Data Centers Globally

Host Havoc has an affordable pricing structure that starts at $9 per month.

GameServer Kings

You can now choose the Starbound server hosting based on the number of players you are looking to add.

GameServer Kings are priced based on how many players you are hoping to get the server for. You can choose from 6 players to up to 50 players and more. You will love the overall service provided by the hosting providers, which offer 24 hours refund policy if you are not satisfied with their services.


The best part, above all, is the fact that it fully supports RCON utility, too, and you can gain full control of your server from anywhere in the world. You can even integrate Steam Workshop into your server and get as many plugins and mods to your game.

Don’t have the required mods on Steam? No worries.

You can download the mods from the external trusted website with a few simple clicks. Now, if you are new to all of this, you can speak to customer support through live chat, which is available 24×7, or mail them your query. Other basic features you will find here is the DDoS protection, installing custom plugins, maps, game modes, and much more.


  • Affordable
  • 24-hours money-back-guarantee
  • Dozens of game modes are available
  • Install custom plugins and maps
  • 24 x 7 Customer Support

Pricing increases based on the number of players you are adding to your server. You can also choose plans for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months likewise.

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is known to be amongst the best gaming hosting providers on the web. Not only is it excellent for its Starbound server, but also the best for playing Minecraft as well. The question is, what makes it the best among all?


There are tons of features that make it stand out among the list of hosting providers we have mentioned here. You can access the game panel from your smartphone or any computer you are currently working on. Some of its features include a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with ultra-low latency that gives you the best gaming experience.

Once you have paid and purchased the subscription, the process is simple and smooth afterward. With simple configurations and installation processes, you can set up the server within minutes. Apart from that, your server is likely to get updated automatically, along with automated backups.


  • 24/7 Live Customer Support
  • Automatic Backups and updates
  • Consistent Reliable Uptime
  • Free Subdomains
  • Unlimited Player Slots

The pricing starts at $7 and goes up likewise based on the memory you choose to go with.


ShockByte Starbound server hosting is like nothing you have come across till now. They claim to offer 100% uptime, making the best among all we have reviewed. You can check out this claim by getting their minimum subscription, and if things do not work out the way you hope for, you can get a full refund within 72 hours.


As soon as you purchase the rental server, you will receive all the login details and other info for your server in the mail. From hereon, you can configure all the settings you wish for, add more players, and start playing.

You can choose the pricing plan based on the number of player slots and the memory you are looking to get. Overall, it is pretty affordable as compared to its competitors. Some of the features include automatic updates and backups. Along with this, you also get unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth for any hosting plan.

Above all, if you have no clue about how to set up everything and start gaming on these servers, you can open a live chat with customer support. I even tried asking a few queries at around 2 AM, and they were able to help me out instantly.


  • Supports all mod packs
  • DDoS protection
  • Automatic updates and backups
  • 100% Uptime
  • Supports Modding
  • 24-hours money back guarantee

Furthermore, the pricing structure starts at $4.99/month based on the plan you are going with.


If you are looking to create a community of Starbound gameplay with your friends and other gamers, Aleforge server hosting is what you need to go with. You can start your subscription and pay by the slot. During checkout, you can simply choose the billing cycle and the number of slots, which can go as high as 64 slots.


There are currently five server locations with 99.9% uptime offering lag-free gameplay. Even if you are new to this, the easy-to-use control panel makes navigating around and managing the server easily. The mod installer allows you to install Steam Workshop content, modpacks, plugins, and more.

Above all, the best part about this server is that you can do a test run for 10 days for free. After this, you can either choose to upgrade it or cancel the subscription. I personally loved the high-clock speed processor and unlimited disk space. You get the NVMe SSD hard drives that work 6 times faster than the normal SSD drives.


  • Automated Task Scheduling and Server Notifications
  • Easy to use control panel
  • One click mod installers
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Free Trial available
  • Offers Unlimited Disk Space
  • 5 data centers

AleForge offers you a free trial for 10 days, and the paid plan starts at $9 per month. You can choose the plan based on the number of players, memory capacity, and other factors.

Streamline Servers

Streamline Servers is perfectly suited for gamers who have a massive community of Starbound players. This hosting provider is available for 8-player slots to 256-player slots. You can simply click on Order Now to start the payment process and choose the type of server you want to buy.


Some of the options to choose from include billing cycle, location, CPU Speed, CPU Priority, slots, and other additional info. As soon as you have made the payment, the server will be ready with the necessary installations within minutes. Moving on, their one-click mod installer makes it easier to install any mod within seconds.

The servers are currently located in 22 locations around the globe. You can choose from among them while placing an order. With these many locations, you can select the one closest to you and enjoy lag-free gaming.

Adding more to its features, Streamline Servers has an excellently crafted control panel with a flexible design and multiple pages to help you manage every aspect of the server.


  • Available in 22 locations
  • Supports more than 50 games
  • DDoS protection
  • 24×7 customer support
  • One-click mod installer

The pricing structure starts from $2.00/slot.

GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is one of the oldest game server hosting providers. They offer a range of options for you to choose from while selecting the type of hosting plan you are looking into. No matter the number of slots you wish to go with, you get up to 5GB of free memory and up to 100GB of free storage.


You can even switch to other games with a few simple clicks for free anytime you wish for. GTXGaming has some of the best features where 100% of the servers are on SSDs and run on the 4.2Ghz clock speed i7 processors.

Speaking of the servers, there are 14 data centers around the Globe. You can choose whichever is the closest to you for the best performance. Moreover, GTX servers are always online and are DDoS protected to prevent any data theft.

Apart from Starbound, there are 100+ games available with different mods and a control panel that makes it easy to navigate around. Overall, the support team was available within minutes of submitting the tickets and made the process pretty smooth during the entire conversation I had with them.


  • 5GB free RAM
  • Up to 100GB of free storage
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Automatic backups and updates of your server
  • Game Switching available
  • 24 hours money back guarantee

Furthermore, it is highly affordable and only costs around $1 per slot.

Bluefang Solutions

Bluefang Solutions is another affordable option if you are on a budget. They offer the Overseer Panel, which is pretty user-friendly and allows you to configure your server settings, such as game mode, maps, and much more.


If you are a professional developer who loves to play with codes, you can use the Command Line Editor on the server to edit the game server configuration files, such as game modes, player limits, and more. With 100% FTP access, you can take entire control of the server and all the files.

I was able to modify the server settings and install custom gaming mods and plugins easily with a few simple steps. Among the set of features, you will love the SSD storage drive that is much faster than the HDD. This server hosting offers you a 72 hours money-back guarantee, which makes it easier to choose if you are not satisfied with the services.


  • Offers Dedicated IP Address
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 72 hour Money-Back Guarantee
  • Highly Affordable
  • Provides Overseer Panel

You can buy the Bluefang Solutions hosting service starting from $15/month per 10 slots.


PingPerfect is one of our favorites when it comes to choosing a server hosting for Starbound. It has bucketloads of features that make it highly favorable both in terms of usability and affordability. Starting with the hardware, PingPerfect uses the latest CPU and storage drives to give you the best overall performance during heavy usage.


Moving on, you also get 1GB of web space where you can advertise your game server, communicate with other players, and more. If you are unsatisfied with the services offered by PingPerfect, you can avail of the 48 hours money-back guarantee by contacting customer support, which is also available 24×7.

In terms of security and keeping your data safe, your server is provided with DDoS protection that detects and mitigates any attacks in real-time and ensures smooth functioning throughout. Also, all your data are backed up regularly so that you never lose any of your data under any circumstances.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • 48 hours money back guarantee
  • Mobile Control Panel available
  • Offers free Debranding
  • Easy to use game-switching facility
  • 24 x 7 Customer Service

Furthermore, we loved the gaming panel, which was easy to navigate and configure with its intuitive design. The availability of global data centers makes the overall experience lag-free. Also, the hosting services are priced starting from $16.60/month per 10 slots.

Gaming Deluxe

Gaming Deluxe is known to have some of the best servers in the world, using the best set of hardware features. They run on i7 or i9 processors or Dell Servers with E3 / E5 processors that are categorized under the high-performing CPUs. Once you start using the servers for your gameplay, you can experience multitasking capabilities such as managing game logic, player connection, etc.


This hosting provider has one of the best, easiest, yet highly customizable control panels that you can navigate around with ease. With little to no guide needed, you can easily set up the server after the purchase. Like other hosting providers in this list, Gaming Deluxe offers 24 hours refund policy.

Currently, they provide only 7 data centers globally, which isn’t a lot, but it works well for those living near these locations. To add more here, you also get DDoS protection on your server that keeps your data safe from any attacks.


  • Instant setup available
  • Provides offsite backup
  • Offers DDoS protection
  • Affordable and cheap
  • Full FTP access
  • 24 hours money back guarantee
  • 7 data centers globally

The pricing for Starbound server hosting here starts from only £10.00.

1G Server Host

1G Server Host is known to be the only hosting provider to offer 5.2GHz game servers with the lowest cost possible. Not only us but users around the globe have loved the services offered by the team, along with quick customer support throughout. You can join their Discord server, where you can get quick maintenance updates along with better responses from the team when needed.


Coming over to the list of features, as we mentioned, they offer a 5.2GHz processor with 16 Cores and 32 Threads. The servers receive up to 7,000mbps speed for the fastest response time while you are hooked in capturing over the Starbound universe.

To ensure you do not lose any data in the meantime, 1G takes care of it in the backend and creates a full offsite backup for you.


  • Switch to another game instantly
  • Uses custom TCAdmin panel
  • 72 hours money back guarantee
  • Full Offsite Backups
  • Unlimited number of players
  • 9 global locations

Furthermore, the most interesting part of this server hosting is that you get to add an unlimited number of players to any plan you choose. And the pricing starts from only $15.00.


We have another Starbound server hosting that is both affordable and easily manageable. Nitrado Server Hosting has a range of subscription plans that you can select from based on the number of players you want to add to your server. It can start from 4 players to as high as 200 players.


There are around 8 global data centers with exceptional sets of hardware and features that directly impact your gaming experience. Choose the right data center that is nearest to you for better connectivity and also low latency.

We loved how easy it was to manage the entire server right from the start. Once you purchase the hosting plan, you can easily set up everything and install mods, plugins, and more. Other than this, you can manage the configurations and even share access to the server with your friends for better management.

To keep you up-to-date on the latest maintenance, updates, and events related to the gaming community, you can join the Discord community, Nitrado Community events, and other similar activities.


  • Daily Backups and auto-updates
  • DDoS protection
  • Install Mods and Plugins easily
  • Support in multiple languages
  • Affordable
  • 9 data centers

And you can get started with Nitrado hosting services from £1.15 per month.


ScalaCube is one of the best Starbound Server Hostings and amongst the cheapest ones so far. The data centers are available globally but in selected locations. With this hosting service provider, you can get some of the best features at a decent price plan.


To get started, you can instantly set up the server within seconds of making the purchase. You will be provided with all the info that you need for the process, and you are good to go. Furthermore, using full FTP access, you can configure settings, upload, delete, and do much more with the files having full control over it.

Not only this, if you are willing to make things easier, you can give access to other players too and enjoy the gameplay. Apart from this, you get a free domain along with your subscription.

Moving on, the DDoS protection will keep your server and all your game data safe from any attacks and data leaks. ScalaCube also claims to have a 99.9% uptime guarantee which we received as well while testing our gameplay.


  • Auto-renewals refund possible within 10 days
  • Instant setup
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.9%
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Multiple currencies accepted
  • Ticketing Support Available

You can get hosting services starting from $4.99 per month, but there are no free trials available.


Here we are with all you need to know about Starbound Server Hosting and all its features. I have personally reviewed each of them and made sure to pen down my experience with each of them so that you can decide too which suits you the best. Well, ensure that you go through each of them before coming to a conclusion.

While some have the best set of features, others are cheaper but with limited features. Hence, you can segregate those based on your budget and the features you are looking for and then decide likewise. We loved Apex Hosting, HostHavoc, and all the others that have a strong set of hardware to provide the best gaming performance.

Which one are you picking? 😃


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