11 Best Reseller Hosting Providers You Can Trust in 2023

HostGator’s white label reseller hosting is a popular product on the market. It offers various plans that are ideal for small agencies. There are no limits on the number of websites that you can host. And, you get round-the-clock support to resolve urgent issues. 

Let’s check out the features. 


HostGator’s plans offer the following:

WHMCS Billing Manager

HostGator’s reseller hosting services come with WHMCS. The software enables web hosts to run their businesses professionally. On the surface, it only helps to tailor plans and manage customer billing


It also has robust metrics for tracking your finances. You can view sales, fulfill pending orders, and issue refunds. The application also integrates with Google to provide you helpful business insights. These include customer demographics, incoming traffic to your website, and daily revenues. 

Hosting Resources 

HostGator reseller plans offer a handful of resources. First, you get between 60GB and 140GB of SSD space. Second, bandwidth also ranges from 600GB to 1400GB. That’s not good for hosting many websites, though. You’re better off with SiteGround that provides unmetered traffic. 

The good news?

There are no limits on the number of domains that you can host. The same applies to subdomains, databases, email, and FTP accounts. Another thing to point out is the 99.99% uptime guarantee. It ensures your customers’ websites run with minimal interruptions. 

Performance Tracking

The HostGator plans for reseller hosting offer various tools for monitoring performance. For example, you get AWStats for tracking visitors, page hits, and bandwidth. The utility tools also assist you in checking CPU and RAM usage.  

There’s another helpful feature for this, too. 

Webalizer helps you double-check AWStats’ figures. It splits traffic based on time, date, and months. Similarly, it displays the number of files served by your webserver. These metrics are essential for checking customers that are using the most resources. You can then proceed to bill them accordingly. 

Utility Tools 

The reselling of web hosting services requires more than just monitoring. And that’s where HostGator’s services shine. You’ll find a web-based file manager, no download is needed.

Hotlink protection blocks unwanted users from using your customers’ images. The feature saves you from running out of bandwidth too soon. Furthermore, password protection helps you restrict access to certain directories and pages.  

And talking about safety…

Security Tools

HostGator offers resellers intuitive security tools across all its hosting plans. You get an IP deny manager apart from the usual SSL certificates. As the name suggests, it can block malicious IPs or even entire countries.  

SpamAssassin uses aggressive email filtering techniques to shield you against harmful emails. On a sad note, the company provides basic firewall protection. You may need third-party services to safeguard your customers better. 

Customer Support

HostGator’s customer support is average at best. It can take days to resolve technical issues. Other than that, its staff is always friendly and ready to assist. 


At the time of writing, HostGator offers significant discounts of up to 64%. Its website reseller plans for hosting currently cost as follows: 

  • Aluminum – $19.95/month
  • Copper – $24.95/month
  • Silver – $24.95/month

Keep in mind the price may vary in the future.

The company also has a 45-day refund policy


Overall, HostGator may not be the best vendor for reseller hosting. But, its reasonably packaged plans make it an excellent option for beginners.


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