Survival Evolved – How To Get Mutagen

Survival Evolved – How To Get Mutagen

Players who want to farm the various beasts in Ark: Survival Evolved must farm a selected ingredient in the event that they want to tame these beasts: Mutagen.

Even although it has been over eight years since ARK: Survival Evolved was launched, its participant base continues to develop, garnering thousands and thousands of gamers worldwide. And that is as a result of Studio Wildcard retains releasing new content material, like upgraded maps that permit gamers to expertise a complete new stage of survival.

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Another notable facet of ARK: Survival Evolved is the huge variety of prehistoric and fantasy-themed creatures that may be tamed, just like the Triceratops or the Voidwyrm. But, gamers might want to farm a selected ingredient in the event that they want to tame these beasts: Mutagen.


Mutagen Usage

ARK Survival Evolved Mutagen Usage

The most important use of Mutagens is to “evolve” a tamed or bred creature, which primarily will increase their stats. For instance, a tamed creature can have every stat (Stamina, Health, Weight, and Melee Damage) elevated by 5 ranges whereas a bred creature will solely achieve one stage for every stat. So, creatures like the Amargasaurus will be capable to attain distinctive stats if fed sufficient Mutagens.

Another means gamers can use Mutagen in ARK: Survival Evolved is to tame the highly effective Tek Creatures, Voidwyrms. Finally, Mutagens can be utilized to start the Terminus, which can in the end result in the “remaining boss battle.”

Best Method to Get More Mutagens

ARK Survival Evolved Mutagen Location

There are solely two methods gamers can get hold of Mutagens in ARK: Survival Evolved: crafting and farming Mutagen Bulbs.

Crafting Mutagen

To craft 6x Mutagen, gamers will want the next elements:

  • 800 Mutagel
  • Chemistry Bench

Players can harvest Mutagel within the Space area of ARK: Survival Evolved. But, gamers will need to seek for the Ringed Asteroid since its secondary useful resource nodes are Mutagel. Unfortunately, the obtainable Astroids consistently change, so gamers might want to use the skybox or provide crates to determine the present Astroid. It’s extremely advisable gamers enter this space on a flying creature, like the Pteranodon, as it will make cultivating Mutagel simpler.

As for the Chemistry Bench, gamers should attain stage 82 earlier than having the ability to craft one. Once gamers attain stage 82, they’re going to want Beer Barrel, Fabricator, and Mortar and Pestle to craft a Chemistry Bench.

Farming Mutagen Directly

The solely space gamers will be capable to find Mutagen Bulbs is inside Rockwell’s Innards (biome). This biome spawns three Mutagen Bulbs each hour (eight hours on a devoted server) and could be simply noticed. But, gamers will should be additional cautious as they domesticate Mutagen Bulbs since a number of Summoners will spawn as soon as gamers harvest the bulbs.

ARK: Survival Evolved is offered on Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

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