Astroneer Project C.H.E.E.R. Update (version out now, patch notes

A brand new in depth replace has gone reside for Astroneer on Switch. Named Project C.H.E.E.R., this brings with it plenty of seasonal rewards for gamers, in addition to quite a few bug fixes. Full particulars might be discovered beneath:

Project CHEER Delivery Event
Container wrecks have been noticed on Sylva, Desolo, Calidor, and Glacio surrounded by varied toys and particles. Production-minded Astroneers can create contemporary toys through the Small Printer utilizing Scrap and different assets.

It is curious that delivery containers hold crash-landing on planets within the Sylva System round this time every year… what’s happening with EXO’s logistics division? Must be a bizarre glitch of their subroutines. Maybe that explains the bizarre containers ERROR//LU-C1D filtration at 63% HelpHelpHelp which have been reported on Sylva, Desolo, and Calidor.

Packaged toys are value totally different level quantities when shipped:
20 Points – Automaton 001s & 002s
35 Points – Cubic Objects
50 Points – Stellar Objects
75 Points – Cosmic Baubles (Printable from Small Printer)
125 Points – Astral Figurines (Found on Glacio)
EXO Dynamics rewards packages acquired with:
1500 Points – Holiday Throwback Bundle
Contains cosmetics rewarded from earlier years:
Hat: “Boreal Beanie”
Mask: “Pudding Warmer”
3500 Points – Palette: ”Carbonated”
6500 Points – Emote: ”Shiver”
10000 Points – Hat: ”Seasonal Allure”

EXO provides helpful gadgets and assets alongside the best way to spice up your restoration or manufacturing efforts. Randomized recurring rewards can be found after finishing the principle occasion together with:

Resin, Clay, Graphite
Packagers & Dynamite
Copper, Iron, Titanium, Tungsten
Small Power Items
Hydrazine & Jet Packs
EXO Chips
Nanocarbon Alloy
Special Event Missions
To assist event-related communications, particular missions have been added that can seem within the Mission Logs of gamers when a brand new occasion is lively. Players solely must activate an EXO Request Platform rocket to begin the present occasion and full the mission.

Community Reward
As with earlier years, all package deal factors will go in the direction of unlocking a worldwide whole that can grant everybody in the neighborhood a FEZANT hat! We shall be monitoring progress through social media so once you full the occasion, you may proceed sending rewards to assist ensure that the present will get unlocked for everybody!

Tether Toppers
Multi-colored lights return to adorn the tether strains of intrepid Astroneers! Use them as decorations, in assist of your development tasks, or just take pleasure in their merry glow

The following bugs have been mounted as of model
AS-18369 | Crash | Game will not crash when inserting a Sturdysquash Sample right into a Research Chamber that’s on the identical platform as a Cauldrangea.
AS-18370 | Crash | The sport will not run out of reminiscence in a short time whereas idling in sure saves in delivery builds
AS-18371 | LTEs | The requested merchandise icons and level values are not duplicated whereas within the care package deal part of the LTE
AS-18535 | Holiday LTE | Packagers spawned in with the remainder of the LTE gadgets will now get eliminated when the LTE ends
AS-18560 | Localization | Japanese is now for the G. novus Shells mission title
AS-18562 | Localization | Japanese is not lacking for Astroneer log
The following continues to be a recognized subject as of model:
AS-18391 | Mini-Smelter | Leaving relevance and relaunching the sport whereas a Portable Smelter is working could put it in a damaged state
AS-18169 | Localization | Rails | The finish of C.O.L.E.’s description within the catalog is reduce off in a number of languages, omitting the facility necessities
AS-18554 | SWITCH | Overachiever | The Overachiever Palette doesn’t unlock when finishing all of the duties
AS-17750 | Multiplayer | Compass | Client’s compass shall be fully empty after teleporting to any planet from the station
AS-17386 | Switch | UI | The Reconnect UI doesn’t seem to permit gamers to reconnect to interrupted multiplayer classes
AS-16898 | Rover | Drill | Using a drill hooked up to a rover will ultimately gradual the Rover to a cease on Console
AS-14453 | Dedicated Server | Error message when making an attempt to hitch with incorrect password simply says “Join Failed”
AS-11556 | Audio | Main Menu music will persist after loading a save earlier than the precise in sport music begins taking part in
AS-18196 | Rails | The Trade Platform’s rocket might be pulled onto the Rail Station whether it is set to “UNLOADS STOPPED CARS”
AS-18141 | Rails | Dedicated Server | Rail Items will not be showing for the shopper in multiplayer classes
AS-18242 | Multiplayer | The Client’s compass is totally empty in a neighborhood save
AS-18627 | Mission Log | When a tracked mission is accomplished it would not monitor the follow-up missions

Astroneer is on the market now for Switch.

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