Surviving Nuclear Winter in Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together was a splendidly surprising multiplayer spin-off of Klei’s breadwinning survival franchise. What began as a humble combination of Klei’s beautiful, inky visuals and a brutal world of unpredictable, fantastic horrors, has since turn out to be a juggernaut in the indie gaming scene. Yet probably the most memorable time I’ve ever spent enjoying Don’t Starve Together had nothing to do with crafting unbelievable forts or demolishing demons in the world past. No, as a substitute, again when the sport was contemporary and the seasons outdoors had equally turned chilly, a relatively profound second of player-induced apocalyptic camaraderie is what caught with me.


You see, Don’t Starve Together’s multiplayer isn’t only for mates. If you’re feeling pleasant, or dangerous, you may at all times depart your session open to the general public, letting anybody in. That was the courageous course one devoted server host made, letting a band of trolls with torches in that totally decimated the panorama. Nothing was secure, or so it appeared. The realm was reworked from an already bitter combat for survival into the likes of which you’d by no means seen.

A barren wasteland, devoid of something however the faintest scraps of life. Neither enemy nor sources to cling to. All we had was one another, each poor soul wandering into the void hoping to discover a secure haven. You see, gamers must handle not solely their well being, however be sure they’ve eaten sufficient as nicely, and so they have to take care of their sanity.

Wilson from Don't Starve cooking a piece of ham at a fire on a moonlit Winter night.

Every cycle from day to nighttime, you’re more and more drained, till lastly, your present character expires, forcing you to start out once more, again and again, in an infinite loop of struggling to outlive.

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This purgatory claimed a very good twenty gamers into its maw, as a handful of our kin instructed us in the world chat that there was one island of salvation – a sole patch of land with animals, supplies, and vegetation nonetheless rising robust. Though the trolls had been thorough, we had been all decided to search out this closing haven. Where probably most gamers would’ve rage-quit, we had been dauntless, every of us enduring dying after dying.

We devised new methods to quickly stave off the chilly, one in all us spawning because the librarian to burn some paper pages to maintain us heat, one other spawning because the pyromaniac. Even with our respawns scattered throughout the map, all of us strove to search out that fantastic place to rebuild.

I by no means discovered that fabled place – the final span of life throughout that chilly, lifeless void. However, I keep in mind when others would, declaring with enthusiasm in the chat, after which making an attempt to information every of us misplaced out in the chilly to security. No matter how bitter some had made that world, all of us saved striving to make it higher. It was an exquisite sentiment, and why I look again on that night time fondly, irrespective of how bleakly it started. Strangers throughout the web, coming collectively as one.

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