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Space Engineers is a voxel-based sandbox recreation that facilities round exploration, survival, building, and engineering. It was launched in October 2013 by builders and publishers Keen Software House in Steam’s early entry program. Since then, it has been absolutely launched in 2019 and is at present out there on Xbox and PC.

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Space Engineers has a few of the most in-depth building systems whereas boasting a very open-world expertise that gamers can get pleasure from with their associates or select to take solo in the event that they so want. What’s extra, is the sheer plethora of mods out there for obtain that not solely add small redesigns and QOL options to varied ships and tools but additionally introduce a bunch of latest and attention-grabbing recreation mechanics.


10/10 Crew Enabled

Space Engineers Crew Enabled Mod

The Crew Enabled mod provides all sorts of different NPCs all through the world of Space Engineers bringing some much-needed life into the world. The NPCs can range between hostile and pleasant including to the varied survival features that the sport already has.

The Space Pirates could also be by far probably the most pleasing side of this NPC mod, permitting the participant to raid outposts guarded by hostile pirates scattered across the universe. Players can even select to populate their ships and bases with each pleasant and hostile NPCs.

9/10 Smooth Voxels

Space Engineers Smooth Voxels Mod

The Smooth Voxels mod provides some really superb terrain enhancements by smoothing out the land on planets, lowering the variety of bumps and jagged edges. Not solely does this mod appear so as to add graphical enhancements to Space Engineers, but it surely additionally permits gamers to make use of their rovers far more freely with out the worry of flipping over or getting caught on bumpy terrain.

Smooth Voxels will also be safely eliminated or added from the sport at any time when the participant chooses, giving gamers full management over this mod.

8/10 Aerodynamic Physics

Space Engineers Aerodynamic Physics mod

Aerodynamic Physics provides a complete new characteristic to Space Engineers, bringing wind to the sport. This physics simulation provides drag forces, deflection forces, raise, and far more. It makes flying all types of various plane far more practical and pleasing, in addition to offers gamers an precise incentive to create a extra aerodynamic plane.

While the bottom recreation solely required gamers to combat in opposition to gravity with a purpose to fly their ships, Aerodynamics Physics provides wind resistance, bringing a complete new problem for gamers to beat and revel in constructing in opposition to.

7/10 MA Plasma Reactor

Space Engineers MA Plasma Reactor Mod

The MA Plasma Reactor mod offers gamers a really helpful and easy-to-use reactor that converts plasma gasoline into plasma gasoline. Not solely does this mod look completely beautiful, but it surely’s additionally extraordinarily helpful.

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After the plasma gasoline is transformed into gasoline, it may be transferred into plasma mills with the assistance of the plasma conduits, which in flip convert the gasoline into precise energy. The entire system is basically fairly intuitive and provides a complete new layer of depth to the sport, giving gamers all types of latest instruments to mess around with.

6/10 Radio Spectrometry

Space Engineers Radio Spectrometry Mod

The Radio Spectrometry mod is a reasonably huge quality-of-life enchancment to Space Engineers, giving gamers the flexibility to scope out distant asteroids and see what ores they’re largely fabricated from. This mod actually turns out to be useful, particularly when gamers are trying to find particular ores and don’t need to journey extraordinarily lengthy distances for no good purpose.

Another nice half about this mod is the truth that modded ores are robotically added to the listing of ores displayed by Radio Spectrometry, which means gamers gained’t have to fret about compatibility points.

5/10 Advanced Welding

Space Engineers Advanced Welding mod

Advanced Welding is a completely superior mod for Space Engineers. It permits gamers to connect and detach blocks and objects from the grid wherever within the recreation. This is particularly helpful when gamers need to transport sure objects like batteries since they usually lose their capacities when gamers grind them down.

Now with Advannced Weldinng, gamers can freely detach and transport all types of objects together with batteries, with out the worry of them dropping their capacities or fees. On high of that, Advanced Welding can be nice for when gamers merely have to realign or change the format of their base.

4/10 Kagumi Space Whale

Space Engineers Kagumi Space Whale mod

The Kagumi Space Whale mod is kind of merely simply a really fun mod to mess around with in Space Engineers. It doesn’t add something to the sport aside from an enormous whale that floats round in area and both acts pleasant or hostile to gamers primarily based on an inner timer.The Kagumi Space Whale is provided with a railgun on the within of its mouth, which is able to open fireplace on gamers if the whale is hostile in direction of them.

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The design alone of this mod is totally beautiful, and it ought to be simple for followers of Space Engineers to see that the creator of this mod undoubtedly took their time to good it.

3/10 When Worlds Collide

Space Engineers When Worlds Collide mod

This is a really neat survival mod that gamers can get pleasure from with or with out their associates. The When Worlds Collide mod provides two massive-sized planets with a particular Gravity Distortion Zone in between them with tons of floating asteroids, AI, and a few slightly attention-grabbing gravity fields.

Players should dodge the fixed incoming and unpredictable asteroids whereas mining and avoiding the threatening AI. The Gravity Distortion Zone can be house to many invaluable ores and minerals corresponding to platinum and uranium, giving gamers a very good purpose to place themselves in fixed peril.

2/10 ACS Assertive Bunkers

Space Engineers ACS Assertive Bunkers Mod

ACS Assertive Bunkers is one other nice survival AI mod that offers gamers further challenges to beat. ACS Assertive Bunkers provides Bunkers all through the world with hostile AI that may improve in issue relying on how usually the participant engages with them. The bases will spawn because the participant strikes round by the world and can solely assault if the participant strikes first.

The better part about this mod will not be the absolutely voiced NPCs, it’s the truth that the bases will get more and more harder every time the participant defeats them, including a very distinctive problem to Space Engineers.

1/10 Undo

Space Engineers Undo Mod

The Undo mod for Space Engineers is nearly a staple at this level. By urgent Ctrl Z, gamers can undo any kind of constructing motion that passed off beforehand. It ought to be famous nonetheless that the Undo mod is at present not usable in multiplayer mode except gamers are on a devoted server with the caveat that the mod will solely work on grids with no less than 1 non-armor block.

This nonetheless doesn’t change the truth that the Undo mod is such a vital software for gamers to have at their disposal and completely provides enormous quality-of-life enhancements to the sport.

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