Lost Ark players from Australia and New Zealand are begging Amazon for Oceania servers

Lost Ark players from Australia and New Zealand are flocking to the sport’s official boards to ask Amazon for region-specific servers, citing latency points and lengthy server queues.

Requests for an Oceania server area started again in November 2021, a number of months earlier than Lost Ark’s world launch. In a thread title “Please Reconsider Oceania Servers” consumer ooglydit wrote “While I’m very grateful for the work that AGS have put into having the region-lock eliminated for Australia & New Zealand, having a devoted server for our area would go leaps and bounds towards making the sport extra satisfying for us.” The primary purpose behind the request was issues over excessive ping when connecting to extra distant servers. “As it stands, if our solely choices are NA/EU, we’re taking a look at both -250 ping to NA or -300 ping to EU.”


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