Website hosting Firm advocates Enhanced Data Protection Measures – Voice of Nigeria

TFHost, a website hosting company, has called for data protection and cybersecurity measures to ensure online safety.

Head of Sales, TFhost, Mr Victor Matthias, cautioned Nigerians that while using the internet, there was a need to ensure cybersecurity, where attacks were inevitable but could be avoided.

He said there was a need to engage the internet wisely while having a personal internet experience and protecting data.

Matthias said that social media platforms had a great impact on digital marketing and created visibility for online businesses, but had their limitations.

According to him, most social media platforms accessible to Nigerians are internet spaces owned by other individuals, and they cannot guarantee the safety of their data.

“Nigeria is an evolving country in terms of internet penetration, especially with hand-held devices, People are coming into social media and then to websites and blogs.

“If you want to do online business and engage in online activities to an extent, you need a blog or a website for people to take you seriously.

“You can’t do business and leave it on social media; social media is essentially not your space; it is somebody’s space, the person is just giving you access,’’ he said.

The TFHost official said that while hosting the websites of its clients, the company kept evolving to meet global best practices on data protection.

He said the company was accredited by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA).

“TFhost’s mandate is to register different types of domain names for individuals, small and medium enterprises, corporations, ministries, departments, and agencies, among others.”

He added that its services included email hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress, and reseller hosting.

According to him, reseller hosting will give people the opportunity to refer others to earn money.

Matthias said that TFhost was committed to reducing carbon footprints through sustainable data centres and renewable energy sources.

“We support digital literacy programmes and online education initiatives, plus partnerships to ensure better ICT penetration for Nigeria and Africa in general.

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