Popular Discord Slangs & Their Meanings In 2024

Whether you are an experienced gamer, an active community member, or new to the platform, learning the different Discord slang can make your experience much better and help you connect with others more effectively. Just like our Snapchat slang guide, in this article, we’ll briefly cover all the popular slang and its meanings to help you use Discord with ease.

What does Idle mean on Discord?

Idle: On Discord, “Idle” is a status that indicates a user is online but has been inactive for a certain period. This status automatically appears after a user hasn’t interacted with the app for a while, typically around 5 minutes. Users can also manually set their status to “Idle.”

Example: Hey, I see you’re idle right now. Ping me when you’re back!

VC meaning in texting on Discord

Voice Chat: It’s used to refer to the voice communication feature within a server or direct message.

Example: Let’s hop into VC to discuss the project details.

What’s the use of DM Discord slang?

Direct Message: DM refers to private messaging between users.

Example: Send me a DM with your contact info.

What do you mean by Serv in Discord?

Server: Serv is a community or group where users can chat via text, voice, and video.

Example: Join my Serv for gaming tips and discussions.

What does msg mean on Discord?

Message: Msg refers to any text communication sent in a chat, whether in a server or a direct message.

Example: Send me a msg when you’re online.

@ed meaning in texting on Discord

Mention: It indicates that a user was tagged in a message using the “@” symbol.

Example: I got @ed in the announcements channel about the meeting.

What’s the use of @ing Discord slang

Mentioning: @ing refers to mentioning a user by using the “@” symbol followed by their username, which notifies them of the message.

Example: Can someone @ing Sarah join the call?

What do you mean by inv in Discord?

Invite: Inv means the act of inviting someone to join a server or a specific chat.

Example: Can you send me an inv to your gaming server?

What does POI mean on Discord?

Point Of Interest: POI on Discord means someone or something important or interesting in a group or chat conversation.

Example: I found a new POI for our server’s map.

BD meaning in texting on Discord

BD refers to signifying a significant event or notable occurrence within the Discord community.

Example: BD, the server hitting 10,000 members is a major milestone!

What’s the use of NSFW Discord slang

Not Safe For Work: It’s a warning used to indicate that content may be inappropriate for viewing in a professional or public setting.

Example: Be careful, that meme is NSFW.

What do you mean by SFW in Discord?

Safe For Work: It’s used to indicate that content is appropriate for viewing in a professional or public setting, without any explicit or inappropriate material.

Example: Make sure it’s SFW. I’m at work right now.

What does CTF mean on Discord?

Capture The Flag: CTF is a competitive game mode where players aim to seize the opposing team’s flag while defending their own.

Example: Is anyone up for a CTF match tonight?

BM means texting on Discord

Bad Manners: It is used to refer to behavior that is impolite, disrespectful, or offensive.

Example: It’s a part of the game, no need to BM about it.

What’s the use of BRB Discord slang

Be Right Back: It’s a common abbreviation used in text-based communication to indicate that the person will be temporarily away from the conversation but intends to return shortly.

Example: I just need to grab a drink. BRB!

What do you mean by TTK in Discord?

Time To Kill: It’s a gaming term used to describe the amount of time it takes to eliminate an opponent in a video game.

Example: What’s the TTK on that new weapon?

What does G2G mean on Discord?

Got To Go: It’s used to indicate that the person needs to leave the conversation or stop participating in the activity.

Example: I wish I could, but G2G. Catch you guys later!

K/D meaning in texting on Discord

Knock Down: It indicates the number of opponents a player has knocked down compared to how many times they’ve been knocked down or eliminated.

Example: Pretty well, I had a K/D of 4.

What’s the use of OHKO Discord slang

One-Hit Knockout: It’s a term often used in gaming to describe an attack or ability that is capable of defeating an opponent in a single hit.

Example: Did you see that move? It’s an OHKO!

What do you mean by GLHF in Discord?

Good Luck, Have Fun: It’s a common phrase used to wish other players well and encourage a positive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Example: GLHF! May the best player win!

Discord Slang & Acronyms Cheatsheet

Discord Slang Meaning
Idle A status indicating a user is online but inactive
VC Voice Chat
DM Direct Message
Serv Server
msg Message
@ed Mention
@ing Mentioning
inv Invite
POI Point Of Interest
BD Significant event or notable occurrence
NSFW Not Safe For Work
SFW Safe For Work
CTF Capture The Flag
BM Bad Manners
BRB Be Right Back
TTK Time To Kill
G2G Got To Go
K/D Knock Down
OHKO One-Hit Knockout
GLHF Good Luck, Have Fun

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