Palworld dedicated server support finally arrives to Xbox and Game Pass players

Palworld dedicated server support finally arrives to Xbox and Game Pass players

Palworld, the first mega-hit game of 2024, is finally gaining one of the most requested features for players on Xbox platforms. Available now via the Xbox Insider program, Palworld’s new preview update brings dedicated servers to the cooperative survival game.

“Pocketpair has been hard at work and are now ready to deliver the much-requested dedicated server feature to all Palworld Update Preview participants on both Xbox and Windows,” says today’s surprise announcement. “Players can now connect to both Official and Community Dedicated Servers.”

Much like the Steam version, PC players can now creatededicated server instances that let them invite friends and adventure with them on private worlds. Previously, Xbox and PC players on the Microsoft Store have been limited to 4-player cooperative play, while Steam players had access to 32-player servers. It was in February that Microsoft and Pocketpair revealed they were working together to bring dedicated servers to the title.


Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and the Windows PC version downloaded from the Microsoft Store are the compatible players for these newly published dedicated server files. “However, please note that cross-play with the Steam version is not possible at this time,” adds the developer, hinting that this may be possible in the future.

To get the update, Xbox or Windows players must first be Xbox Insiders, and either own a copy of Palworld or have access to Game Pass. Here’s how to join the Insider program:

  • Open (or, install if necessary) the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox Series X|S or Windows PC.
  • Navigate to Previews > Palword Update Preview.
  • Select Join.
  • Wait for registration to complete, and you should be directed to the correct Store Page to install the preview.

Despite being in preview, players can keep all their original saves as well, letting them explore and continue their playthroughs in Palpagos and all their Pals. Head over here to find a guide from Pocketpair on how to acquire the dedicated server files and how to host the servers afterward. The studio just announced a massive update coming to the game this month too, which touts a new island among its major features.

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