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Have you gained significant benefits in SEO and SERP after moving from Shared to Dedicated hosting? Yes I am referring to Google.

I mean, I would think any SEO/SERP benefits would be more… secondary effect of removing a shared host’s limitations on speed of delivery…which could be offset in other ways as well.


It improve website loading speed and it’s important for SEO.

Hi @janetwatson, can you please explain why it is important for SEO?

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It is an important factor (if not one of the most important IMO):

And what could be even more important is that a speedy sites uses less resources and are cheaper.

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Using dedicated hosting can enhance your SEO by providing faster loading times and better uptime for your website. When your site loads quickly and consistently, search engines are more likely to rank it higher in search results, leading to increased visibility and traffic.

I’d be careful using the word “cheaper” generically… someone is paying for that speed…

More to the general thread:

Again, is there a benefit? Maybe? Possibly? Let’s think about it a bit deeper than “numbers go up”.

If your site is being visited by one person a day, and the pipe going out of the server is 10 Gbps, and your site sends 1 MB of data to render, are you going to see an improvement by going from shared to dedicated? Not unless your sharing bogs a 10 Gig connection down to a throttle that limits the speed of sending 1 MB to that one visitor, or is tying the CPU up to prevent processing of requests.

Can you get dedicated hosting in that scenario? Yes. Is it going to help? No. You’ve taken a country road and widened it into an interstate. The one car trundling down it isnt going any faster.

When does it improve things? To reuse my analogy, when:
Your country road is being driven by a sports car, which is being held back by a speed limit,
Your country road is being driven by hundreds of cars during rush hour, and it cant handle the volume.
Your country road is being driven by an 18-wheeler, and that bridge you’re driving it across cant take the weight.

At that point, can dedicated hosting help? Potentially.
In the sports car scenario, it can help if the dedicated host’s road has a higher speed limit.
In the congestion scenario, it can help as long as the dedicated host’s road is able to flow freely.
In the big rig scenario, it can help to a degree – your problem probably isn’t so much the road, it’s the load you’re carrying.

Before we start saying it will definitely give you better load times and be consistent, we’d better make sure that:

  1. Load times are what’s actually holding the site back SEO-wise.
  2. They will actually improve on a dedicated host.
  3. There were actually consistency problems in the first place. You cant improve something that’s already working all the time.

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I agree. I have to pay time for learning to think small. In every single step. Measure CPU consumption, memory consumption, network latency and disk space for every single step. :slight_smile:

I have noticed an improvement in website performance since switching to dedicated hosting, but the SEO benefits are indirect.

Dedicated hosting typically offers better performance compared to shared hosting because you have dedicated resources (such as CPU, RAM, and bandwidth) solely allocated to your website. Faster loading times and improved site responsiveness can positively impact user experience, which is a ranking factor for search engines like Google.

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